The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Says Mystikal May Have Needed Mental Health Counseling (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show said Mystikal may have needed mental health counseling. Da Brat said as many people have expected, Mystikal has been indicted on rape charges after an alleged attack at his home back in July. If convicted, the rapper faces a mandatory life in prison. He is also facing nine other counts. He is accused of imprisoning, raping, strangling, and robbing a woman after they got into an altercation about money. He also faces many other charges, including battery and domestic assault. He was also charged with possession of several drugs, including heroin and marijuana.

    Da Brat said it sounded like they were charging Mystikal with “any little pill” they found that did not have his name on it. The radio host that Mystikal was in the wrong and he got what he “deserved.” She said when the situation was brought to light, it was sad. The radio DJ wondered why people resort to this “type of thing.” Perhaps the problem with the megastar was drugs.

    Maria More said the rape allegations against Mystikal were not the first for him. Although the morning show said they did not know what the problem could have been, perhaps the issue was mental health, and maybe Mystikal could have reached out and gotten some help and talked to someone.

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