Rickey Smiley Talks About Being Scared for Wendy Williams’ Life (VIDEO)


    Rickey Smiley talked about being scared for Wendy Williams‘ life. Williams was spotted again, said the radio host.  The Daily Mail has just released photos of her. The radio DJ said, who let Williams out into the street. It's a sad situation, he noted. She was sleeping and the Louis Vuitton store on one of the beds with her shoes on. Allegedly the shoe was a size 15.

    Rickey Smiley said that Williams has been looking kind of “deranged.” Smiley said he feels terrible and is scared for her life. “You see a lot of celebrities and when they get to the point where they look like this. They go to the hospital or something tragic,” he added.

    The radio host said Williams’ son supposedly is her legal guardian. He is in Miami, and she is in New York. Williams was urged to pack everything she had and get to South Florida. Recently Williams took to social media to say that she is famous and is coming back.

    Sources say the closer Sherri Shepherd’s show gets to airing; the more dramatic Williams will get online. Allegedly Williams’ manager is behind all of the antics. The morning show said that the manager was not good for Williams and is “hurting” her.

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