Ebro in the Morning Discusses Rickey Martin Suing his Nephew for $20 Million: Lawsuit May Help Clear Singer’s Name


    Ebro in the Morning discussed Ricky Martin suing his nephew for $20 million. Laura Stylez said Ebro in the Morning had previously reported on Ricky Martin’s legal troubles. He was facing prison for incest and domestic violence allegations from his nephew. In the end, the nephew decided to withdraw his accusations and took everything back “like forget it,” said Stylez.

    Ricky Martin is suing his nephew, claiming that months after he withdrew the restraining order, he began sending Martin “crazy” messages through Instagram, said Stylez. The nephew threatened to destroy Martin’s reputation unless the singer gave him some money. Martin said he has messages that are written by someone mentally unstable.

    After the nephew did some other salacious things to Martin such as posting his phone number online and setting up a fake social media account for his children, Martin had had enough and decided to sue him for $20 million.

    Ebro in the Morning said the singer does not want his nephew to muddy his legacy. Now when Ricky Martin’s name is Googled, the first story that pops up is not his nephew’s sexual allegations charge but the lawsuit he has against his accuser. The lawsuit could be a way for Ricky Martin to clear his name. Stylez said the nephew does not have $20 million.


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