Small Group of People Found Unconscious Near White House After Lightening Strike


    A small group of four people was found unconscious near the White House after lightning struck the area Thursday evening. The critically injured were rushed to the nearest hospital with life-threatening injuries, said D.C. Fire and EMS. 

    The lightning touched down at Lafayette Park on the 1600 block of Pennsylvania Avenue NW. U.S. Park Police and the Secret Service members were the first to witness the unusual phenomenon. According to the agencies, they sprang into action and immediately called D.C. Fire and EMS and the Metropolitan Police Department.

    The Metropolitan Police Department said a minute prior to the call; that they had been notified.

    When officers arrived at the horrific scene, two males and two females were discovered unconscious, they said.

    U.S. Park Police and members of the Secret Service gave the critically injured group CPR and AED.

    “What I want to do is thank them because their agents, their officers, witnessed this lightning strike and immediately began to render aid to the four victims, which is very critical in helping with survivability,” Maggiolo said. 

    The victims are currently being treated at the local hospital where they were taken.


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