Pizzeria Owner, Dad are Fighting For Their Lives After Being Stabbed For Trying to Save Elderly Woman From Robbery


    A pizzeria owner and his dad are fighting for their lives after being stabbed for trying to stop an older woman from being robbed. Police told The Post on Tuesday that the father and son duo were stabbed multiple times when they jumped in to stop a 61-year-old woman from being robbed outside their Queens restaurant.

    On Saturday night, Louie Suljovic, a 38-year-old military veteran, was working behind the counter of his Elmhurst pizzeria, Louie’s, when he and his father, Cazim Suljovic, witnessed the elderly woman being robbed by two men.

    Without a second thought, Suljovic and his 68-year-old father came over to help the older woman; however, they were stabbed and struck with an unidentified object, cops said.

    According to prosecutors and a relative, the father was stabbed nine times, and both he and his son obtained punctured lungs in the attack. One of the assailants also stabbed the woman. In Queens Criminal Court on Tuesday night, it was revealed that a knife wound to her back was noticed after the robbery.

    “Cazim is in a serious situation … Louie is improving, he’s hanging in there, and I believe he’s going to be okay,” said Cazim’s cousin, Remzija.

    “They are heroes,” she added. “They jumped in to save a stranger.”

    The suspects had approached her from behind, the elderly female victim told police. They pushed her and ripped her bag away prior to the stabbing frenzy.

    When they arrived at about 9 p.m., officers managed to arrest two suspects while other responding cops administered medical aid to the victims.

    Robert Whack, 30, and 18-year-old Supreme Gooding were arrested for the attack. Both were charged with robbery, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon. Gooding was also arraigned Tuesday night on an attempted murder charge.

    Police said Whack was hit with criminal possession of a controlled substance charge after being caught with a large amount of what cops believe was heroin.

    Elmhurst Hospital is treating the father and son. It is the same place where the pizzeria donated meals to staff and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “He and his father are among the very best New York has to offer. We thank them for their bravery and wish them a speedy recovery,” police at the 110th Precinct tweeted.

    As of Tuesday, a GoFundMe was set up to help the two victims with their medical expenses and had raised more than $48,000. The fundraising page said, while Suljovic and his father recover, the pizzeria is closed.


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