Bill Maher says Jada Pinkett-Smith Should Just Put on a Fu#*ing Wig, Black Woman Defends Her (video)


Bill is going to get heat for this. He says Jada Pinkett-Smith should just put on a fu#[email protected] wig if her hair loss bothers her so much. Check the 22:13 mark

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  1. What can one say, if you put yourself out there then you have to be able to accept the Ridicule. That’s part of being a grownup.

  2. Bill Maher doesn’t have a clue how Alopecia affects Black women. The condition doesn’t just come because of aging. Do your research. This is a horrible disease mentally and physically. It affect different women differently. As a Black women with Alopecia, I find his comments disrespectful. My hair doesn’t define me. However, there are women who are struggling to find their way. UGH!!

    • I like Bill But he has no clue of people’s emotional hurt and feelings over this dreadful disease. He was offering Jada to use WIG to COVER her her emotional hurt and feelings! WOW! Such a smart guy and such a easy solution! Buy the way did anyone notice that Jada’s daughter shaved her hair too to support her mother and she was that suggested that to her mother. This shows the depth of pain that the family enduring beside Jada for her situation! Chris Rock hurt everyone in that family besides Jada fir her medical condition and hurt all other peoples with the same medical condition around the world! AGAIN THIS WAS A MAN SOLUTION THAT WAS GIVEN By AN IGNORANT MAN ON A WOMAN PROBLEM AND MEDICAL CONDITION!

  3. Did you watch the video, she in no way defended JPS, she agreed with Maher. As a journalist shouldn’t you be reviewing the material you’re writing about?

    • She DID defend Jada by saying she was owning the disease instead of running from it. Then she talked about black women and Hollywood’s excessive expectations, she did not AGREE with Maher she said she thought it was arrogant for Jada to believe everyone knew about her condition

  4. Yes put on a wig or get over it so many worse things in life then hair loss. Especially to a Uber rich person.

  5. Agreed. Then you do not put yourself out there in front of millons. She speaks out at the red table and not as many people watch that show as they did with Chris Rocks slap. How can anyone be so self centered, to pick and choose what will insult you then put yourself out there. She’s not exempt.

  6. He needs to shave his head an wear a wig especially in the summer. He is heartless. He spoke from his heart an I can’t watch him ever again

  7. So what alot of black women wear wigs. A big deal about nothing as usual. She shoulda wore a wig and she’s a toxic woman Corey Holcomb was right.


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