Where is Theo Mizuhara from KKBT and KMEL?


Theo Mizuhara was the biggest star at KKBT, hands down

Other big names worked at the station around the same time, like LaLa and Tavis Smiley but out of all the DJs who worked at the station during its early to mid-90s heyday, the only person we have ever been asked about is Theo.

In the early 90s, Radio Facts CEO Kevin Ross was a DJ at KKBT in Los Angeles. KKBT was the absolute hottest station in the country, but they had their share of problems.

Ross stated he worked an air shift and was usually followed by Theo Mizuhara, who came on after him during the weekends. “Theo was the most in-demand and biggest star at the station without question.” Ross shared

“The minute Theo opened the mic and said a few words, the women would lose it, and the calls would come pouring into the station,” Ross said.

What Was it like to work with Theo?

Theo was a really nice guy from the Bay area who came to KKBT in the midst of the station making a lot of changes and targeting the hip-hop audience. Shortly after he got to KKBT, Theo was offered gigs on MTV, and Brandy and he did the voiceover in the blockbuster hit movie Waiting to Exhale.

“Working with Theo was great. He was private, laid back, and didn’t seem to be into the status quo or the ‘Hollywood’ persona.

He was under a lot of pressure as women were crazy about him, and men wanted to be around him for that reason. Everybody wanted to be his friend, including a lot of the rappers during that era, but Theo was more grounded and kind of kept to himself and took it all in stride.” Ross stated.

He was good friends with the late Captain G (Greg Beasley), who was another jock at KKBT. Captain G was another really great guy from the station. “He was very popular, and he told me he was the youngest of like 19 kids. He was from Chicago.” Ross said.

Tragically, Theo was waiting for Captain G, who followed him, to come in for his shift one day, and Captain G was late. Captian G loved to party and was very popular with the ladies too and when he didn’t show up, Theo had to stay past his shift, and he started asking people on the air if they knew where he was, making a joke of the situation.

Turns out, someone did a welfare check on Captain G when they kept hearing Theo ask people if they knew where he was and Captain G was found dead in his apartment that day from an overdose.

His landlord was rumored to have stolen his car which the family demanded back when they came from Chicago to take Captain G back for the services. That situation made the headlines for a few days after it happened and I never got to ask Thea how he felt about that. Ross shared.

Seeing Theo in Studio City

Over the past several years, Ross states he has repeatedly been asked where former KKBT and KMEL DJ Theo Mizuhara is. 

“I ran into Theo at a restaurant around 2001 in Studio City, CA. He was outside talking to an older black musician that he knew. He stopped me, and we spoke for about 10 minutes about what we had both been up to. He seemed content, and at the time, he had gone back to work at KMEL, and/or was doing some kind of radio syndication, he stated. I’m not sure what he was doing there.”

After that, Ross states, “it’s as if he fell off the earth. Nobody has heard from him since. The last I heard about him was that he had left the entertainment industry and went to work in the tech industry in the bay area. I also hear that he is still in the LA area working in a different industry.” It appears Theo doesn’t want to be found, as MANY people in the industry have been asking and wondering what happened to him.

If we hear anything, we will let you know.


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