Man Steals Mortuary Van, Dead Man Rolls out Back on Gurney

Georgia Man Takes Dead Body on a Joy Ride

Kijon Griffin

Georgia police are still searching for a man who must of thought it would be a good idea to steal a mortuary van, of all things. Perhaps unaware of what the vehicles are used for it may not have occurred to him that a deceased body may be laying in rest in the back on a gurney. 

While he was speeding away, the doors on the back swung open and the body of a man flew out the back rolling down the street on the gurney. 

Terrified onlookers ran to the dead man’s rescue capturing him and waiting with the body until authorities arrived on the scene.

The suspect, who seemed unfazed by what happened proceeded to speed down the streets of the Atlanta suburbs and was later identified as 23-year-old Kijon Griffin from Atlanta. He took the vehicle as it was parked outside the crematory …  possibly awaiting preparations. 

Police gave chase to the stolen vehicle which continued through several counties with the suspect making contact with several vehicles then ultimately blowing a tire. He got out of the car and escaped on foot down the street

A witness on the scene complained to reporters “It’s a damn shame that a dead body can’t even rest in peace!” 

In an effort to capture him, local officials set up a perimeter that unfortunately failed and Griffin escaped. It was later discovered that Griffin had previous warrants as well. 

The van belonged to Stan Henderson and Sons Mortuary in Stockbridge Georgia. If you have any information, an award is being offered via Crimestoppers. The number is 404-577-TIPS and there is a cash award.

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