Brazilian Bodybuilder Who Injected Himself with Oil Dies on his Birthday (video)


A world-famous Brazilian bodybuilder and TikTok star Valdir Segato died on his 55th birthday. He was repeatedly warned about injecting himself with oil to achieve a bodybuilder look that did not include actual strength gains.

Segato had 1.6 million TikTok followers who rallied around the unlikely star as he continued to inject himself with life-threatening oil to create 23-inch biceps. He died on his 55th birthday in Ribeirao Preto.

The risks of injecting oneself with Synthol/oil included strokes and massive infections. But that did not stop him even after warnings from doctors six years ago when he almost has to have his arm amputated for a massive infection (video below)

He was proud to be known on the streets as ‘The Monster’ and greatly admired The Hulk and actual bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger

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