Rico Love Gives Sound Advice – Stop Talking so Much!


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You remember at the beginning of Jodeci’s song “Stay” when DeVante said, “Don’t Talk, Just Listen?” Whether you do or you don’t remember, those word couldn’t be more appropriate for this moment and regarding this post.
Rico Love may have a song called “They Don’t Know” but now he is definitely letting all of us know how he feels about people that talk too much. The singer/songwriter/producer gives some very sound advice about being quiet and stop letting negative energy into your space.
The man has written for everyone from Beyonce to Usher and now he is sharing a few jewels in this Facebook post about doing work and hushing your mouth. Check out the post to what else he says about black people. If you missed our exclusive interview with Rico Love, please feel free to check it out >>HERE


Somebody needs to hear THIS!! #TTLO
Posted by Rico Love on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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