Gary With Da Tea Asks Why Men Try to Sabotage a Woman’s Career After a Breakup (VIDEO)


    Gary With Da Tea asked why men try to sabotage a woman’s relationship after calling it quits. Singer Ashanti is speaking out and saying that Irv Gotti sabotaged her career when she started dating Nelly, said Gary. According to Ashanti, Gotti would not book her studio time and told her to sign with Nelly.

    Gary said the problem with the story of Ashanti and Gotti is that Gotti was a married man. He was only a sidepiece to the megastar.

    “Why do men do that? You got a damn wife at home, and this woman is already cheating with you. Why would you sabotage her career?” said Gary.

    “Was he making money off her?” said Rickey Smiley.

    Gary said Ashanti was signed to Gotti’s record label. However, over time, the singer wanted a man of her own and was tired of creeping with someone else’s husband. The morning show host said he did not understand why some men have a wife at home and keep another woman. Gary said women want to have a man of their own.

    “If you got a woman at home, why would you want to be with someone else’s woman? Let that woman have her own man,” exclaimed Gary.

    Gary asked the women in the audience if they wanted a man for themselves and the overwhelming reply was yes.

    “Wouldn’t y’all want y’all own man ladies and not somebody else’s?” said Gary.

    Gary said it did not make sense the way Ashanti was treated.


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