Moment of Impact: Fiery Crash in LA Kills 6, Baby Lands on Gas Station Floor (video)


UPDATE: The diver was drunk and is being charged with vehicular manslaughter. A crash this afternoon in Los Angeles was caught on video when a Mercedes rocketed through a red light and oncoming traffic killing 5 people and injuring 7 others including a pregnant woman.

The car ended up at a gas station with several other cars entangled causing a massive ball of fire. It was nothing short of a miracle that the gas station didn’t explode and cause many more fatalities. In the video onlookers and drivers appear to be shocked at what takes place in front of them while others continue to drive as if nothing happened.

One witness said a baby literally flew from the intersection at South Labrea and Slauson where the accident took place around 1:40 pm on Thursday. The baby landed on the gas station floor in front of her along with a ton of debris. The baby was taken from the female witness when firefighters arrived and the woman who was holding the baby. The baby did not survive

Several of the people driving through the intersection missed being killed in seconds (see video below). The cause of the crash is under investigation but early speculation is that the driver of the Mercedes was having some sort of medical episode. See the updated story here

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