Woman Fatally Shot While Riding In Uber In Atlanta (Video)


    ATLANTA — A targeted attack on an Uber vehicle in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood has resulted in the death of a woman, according to police. The incident occurred at approximately 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday, at the intersection of Lindbergh and Adina Drive.

    “It sounded like a war was going on outside, I was shocked,” said Buckhead resident, Nick Taylor, who lives near the intersection. He remembers being abruptly awakened from his sleep by the sudden noise.

    “Usually when I hear gunshots you hear it about two seconds, it really quick but this lasted for at least a good 20 seconds,” he explained.

    Another resident in the neighborhood echoed Nick Taylor’s comments, adding that the startling sounds of gunfire were highly uncommon and out of the ordinary.

    “It sounded like about 40 shots. It was two guns, may have been three,” said Maurice Cystrunk.

    Officers from the Atlanta Police Department arrived at the location to discover an individual shot inside a black Escalade that was being used as an Uber. The backseat passenger sustained multiple gunshot wounds when a vehicle pulled up beside them and opened fire into the Uber.

    Charles Hampton, a representative from the APD, stated, “This appears to be a deliberate attack, and as evident from the numerous shell casings, there were multiple shooters. However, we currently have limited information to share.” On Wednesday, the DeKalb County medical examiners officially identified the victim as Teisha Brewley, a well-known Guyanese socialite and influential figure in the media industry.

    “Turns out she only lives on the next block so she was less than a block away from home,” Buckhead resident Johari Humbles said. “I think they just caught her at the red light. It looks like she was ambushed. There was also a Uber driver and the Uber driver was unscathed.”

    As authorities strive to unravel the motive behind the shooting, residents in the area are experiencing a growing sense of unease. “It’s frightening, living here is becoming increasingly alarming,” said Humbles, reflecting the sentiments of the neighborhood.



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