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Was Michael Jackson Gay? Teddy Riley Addresses Michael Jackson's Sexuality


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Hip Hop Weekly's Michael Jackson Tribute Issue Boasts Exclusive Interviews with Motown Records Exec/TV Producer Suzanne de Passe, Super-Producer Teddy Riley, Nation of Islam Chief Quote from Teddy Riley in the new issue: “Michael Jackson was a woman lover, trust! Dude gets it in. I have only once told a close friend that I just couldn't believe how he gets it in. He is a real dude. He's human. He has a child life in him. He deserves to be a baller and a player sometimes.” — Said producer Teddy Riley who worked with Michael on his huge Dangerous and Invincible albums.

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  1. Leave it some hip hop fool to state something so absurd that Michael Jackson is Str8..it blows my mind that these fools glorify gang violence, misogyny and racial sterotypes, but when it comes to homosexuality, they go off the rails..look at MJ and his life and tell me this man was not in total denial of the obvious, but i understand it, i mean look at how this fool acts like it would be caticlismic if MJ was ..OMG GAY!!..it’s no wonder he was so eccentric, I mean, why on earth should anybody care about his sexual preference…let’s just leave his personal life alone, let him rest in peace and enjoy his music

  2. MJ wasn’t gay, eccentric yes, but not gay. He acted inappropriately with boys but I don’t think he sexually abused them. MJ was a child trapped in the body of an Adult Mega-Icon. He probably took pisses with boys, played “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”, but I don’t believe he fondled them or was oral with them in any way. This man was a megastar by the time he got out of the studio and on the stage and when was that, like 8, 9, 11?!? Besides, what can Teddy gain from lying??

  3. I don’t believe MJ was gay. I mean he liked girls already early on. He was in love with Diana Ross as a child. Kids know which sex they like by that age (9-11years old). And you can hear his fascination with girls/women in his songs. He’s dance moves/ body language showed it too. He wore the make-up to hide his skin conditions. The wigs and head wraps hid his lupus conditions. If he was gay someone would of saw him, all the people following him around. Give me a break. The man can’t even rest n peace without people still talking bad about him. He done a lot for his family, the world, and his fans and he gave all of the credit to God. He never took credit for himself. Well he can’t hear none of this anyway and he is resting in peace dwelling with the Lord for a service well done.

  4. I don’t think MJ was gay. I mean we all thought about it but when you REALLY think about it…SHYYYT I would let Mike hit ;0) (dont mistake the name as male) Especially when watching that Keep It In the Closet with Naomi Campbell ultra sexy! MJ was just different from the rest and people hate different because they live in their close minded worlds. MJ will be remembered til time’s end. Shyt I am listening to him now…CAN YOU FEEL IT!
    God thanks for allowing a creature to create a music that is and was untouchable then and now!
    Much Love!

  5. he’s raised jehovah’s witness, which forced him to suppress his sexuality – he did this to honor his mother’s wishes b/c she ruled it that way with strong hand (“mother always told me, be careful what you do…”)
    that’s why in real life he’s a late bloomer (made worse by his fame, at least initially b/c his formative years were already out of sync with other people’s), but his natural urges came out onstage: it’s “subconscious” he said.

  6. he couldn’t have been gay. lisa marie confirmed it and she seems honest enough to me. michael’s androgyny- the clothes, the makeup, the high-pitched voice- was all part of an entertainer’s persona that he cultivated, in my opinion. it made him mysterious, different, unique, interesting. besides, i think having this public persona also allowed him privacy for his true self which he did not want the world to know. i believe the private michael was a normal heterosexual male who happened to be inhibited, shy, and maybe even repressed sexually. there are many hetero males out there who are able to spend the rest of their lives without having relationships with women for the reasons i stated above. i think michael was one of those types of males.

  7. MJ wasn’t gay. He was just playing the part of the asexual dude, to keep people guessing, and so that his gay fans could keep buying his product. He told a black reporter when asked to turn the recorder off, and then told the guy, “dude I’m not gay, but we have alot of fans that are”. I, truly believe MJ was probably more sexual than people have any idea or give him credit. There are many times that MJ proved his point of being a straight man. He was presented an award at the World Music Awards by Naomi Campbell, she had on this bangin dress, and MJ goes up to her smiles, she smiles, he touches her midsection, and Naomi has this priceless look on her face. Or the remix video to In The Closet, where he has Naomi throw him on a table and she gyrates on him, dry humps him. Look at their dance moves. Or recently with his chef, Kai Chase has said that he was flirtatious with her. She said that once, she was in the dinning room, setting up, and she notices that MJ was behind her checking out her butt. And how he would dance for her. MJ must have big a big flirt because she was cheesing and had nothing but kind words to say about him. Personally, I would have flirted also.His friend David Gest mentioned how MJ had a crush on Kelly Rowland.

  8. I’m not telling he was gay but…
    I ´m laughing at the comments who claimed MJ is not gay just because he has been married. What does that prove?!
    It ´s said his marriages were a sham, where there’s smoke there’s fire.
    Just because only one biographer said the true Michael’s love was Lisa, lots of people believed it…of course, they wouldn ´t say it was a sham!
    And most of the girls who said he dated, lied.

  9. We support complete vindication of MJ by mainstream media. MJ was exonerated by a jury. Not good enough. For his children’s sake, the media must become more responsible. We discuss how truth can compel the media to publicly admit it wrongly accused MJ of despicable crimes. Many people still believe MJ was guilty. They were influenced to believe the allegations were true by a biased media. Please join us. No links allowed here, so search at Yahoo Groups for “vindication better than tributes.”

  10. As a femalewho grew up with the Jackson Five, I always found Michael to be immensely sexy— that is, until he had 2 or 3 too many facial surgeries. But I am dogged by whether the man was primarily straight or gay. Not that being gay should change anything—- Michael was an electrifying performer and had a golden voice. But the womanly desire in me WANTS to believe that Michael was a straight man—– ! That is so much more fulfilling to me than that the idea that he may have lusted after men. What was all that crotch grabbing and thrusting about?!! You mean…… it’s not for me??!!!
    Meanwhile, I doubt whether his sexuality will be proven one way or another. Michael had many compelling reasons to hide being gay, if in fact he was. It would have crippled his record sales among female fans, alienated the black male audience. Being a gay black performer in the 1980s was career suicide. Little Richard never became the international superstar that Michael did……..
    Marriage would not confirm or deny his hetero or homosexuality. Many an actor in Hollywood had “cover ” relationships. Even if Michael did have a sexual relationship with Lisa Marie Presley, how many gay men have left marriages, and children, to finally “come out”?
    Randy Taborelli would not necessarily be the truth serum to this question, either. He is close with the Jackson camp and may have been influenced by money and favors to keep Michael’s orientation under wraps, or vehemently denied. Katherine Jackson denied Michael’s homosexuality in a video interview—- why would she need to do this? Michael himself repeatedly denied that he was gay. But one can always wonder if “He that doth protest too much…………”??
    What is disturbing is seeing these cheesy books churned out on the heels of the tragic death of a tragic star. Recent claims that Jason Pfeiffer, the office manager of Michael’s (gay) dermatologist) Arnold Klein, was Jackson’s “gay lover” are preposterous and revolting. Where were these guys while Michael was still alive? No accusations flung then. It’s so easy — and profitable — to fling mud now. There’ll be no rebuttal from the accused.
    I suggest that bloggers here, and Michael Jackson fans, boycott this book as well as write/call Dr. Arnold Klein’s Beverly Hills office to share your disgust that Pfeiffer, an overweight and pathetic character, is selling this sordid story to the tabloids. Dr. Klein should also be ashamed.
    Gay or straight, Michael Jackson was a private man and this circus-like expose of his lifestyle is revolting.

  11. PS— just to add that my earlier post was no indictment of being gay, for Jackson or anyone else. I believe homosexuality is biologically driven and not a choice, though many try to “be straight” and are uncomfortable in their own skins for that. I support gay relationships, families. It’s the selfish female fan in me that wants Michael Jackson to be straight.
    What is interesting is the idea that Michael was transgender and this may have caused great confusion for him. It is possible to be bisexual and appear a straight woman or straight man, or bisexual and appear to be gay, or straight and feel more comfortable identifying with being feminine. Eddie Izzard, the British comedian, is an example of a transvestite who has a straight sexual orientation. With Michael, it’s anyone’s guess.

  12. Who knows. Maybe Michael was straight, gay, transgender (I do think that is a posibility)… in either of the last two cases, his bringing up as a Jehovah’s Witness and his homophobic father (and probably other family members) would have made it very difficult for him to accept himself…
    I certainly wouldn’t think any less of him in any case.

  13. Minou, loved your comments. Amen to Cristina too.
    I know virtually nothing about the philosophy behind Jehovah’s Witness practices, but certainly many religious groups are intolerant of any kind of sexuality that strays from “the norm”, and perhaps when Michael left the family and found his own path, there was more to it than just seeking musical independence. It may also be possible that his childhood indoctrination to the family religion left him with a sense of shame as he grew older and knew that he was different (and he certainly was); if you live in shame about who you are, that’s a problem.
    In my humble opinion the most plausible explanation is that he was bisexual or transgender, enjoyed sex as much as anyone else (maybe even more since sex was a way out of isolation and loneliness and boredom, however fleeting), and would probably indulge in whatever form presented itself at a propitious moment and got his juices going sufficiently to overcome the risk. And every time one of those encounters happened, he ran the risk of encountering a person attracted only to his money and fame, a user, a phony, a groupie, someone who’d go running to the nearest tabloid piece of [email protected]#t with the photos of them in bed. How many human beings could he really trust? Very few, and we’re seeing the evidence in the media right now. Seems like everyone who has ever had an axe to grind is popping out of their garbage cans, and the tabloids are eating it up and trying to assassinate his character all over again. It’s pathetic. Sadly the prescription drug addiction thing is going to be really ugly, and the doctors who are indicted (if any) are going to fight back publicly.
    To some extent, it’s OUR fault – we do love our icons and idols, and we expect them to give their all, and many do. Some we create out of thin air, some really are exceptionally talented. One day we love them, can’t get enough, hang on every word… the next day they’re old news. We want mystery, excitement, mystery, glamour, mystery, something that touches us in deep & meaningful places. We think they have something we don’t have, that undefinable something that separates them from the common folk. The one thing that the truly fascinating performers have in common, the ones that you cannot take your eyes off of when they’re on stage or on screen, is that they innately understand how to use their sexual energy. This transcends physical beauty, transcends talent, transcends age and gender and race. Doesn’t matter if they are gay, straight, bisexual, repressed, frustrated or deviant in expressing their sexuality – it’s all about energy. Michael Jackson had this quality big-time. There is no possible doubt that he had incredible sexual energy when he performed. But offstage it seemed he would mask it, tamp the fires down, become the “good Michael” seeking universal love and approval, even speak in a different tone of voice, but also still wanting his chance to be “bad” and “dangerous”. Quincy Jones said he felt that all of MJ’s songs were in some way autobiographical – if so, seems reasonable to think there could be many tantalizing clues in his music about who MJ thought he was. (Should we “keep it in the closet”? hehehe)
    There always seemed a duality about MJ in all aspects of his life, a conflict he could never quite resolve, the saint/sinner thing, wanting to be all things to all people but also reckless and wild and gleefully wicked and crotch-grabbing.. Some part of him wanted desperately to flee into the “normal” world of marriage and children, but applying normalcy to the kind of life his worldwide fame forced him to lead seems an improbable thing. Cybill Shepard recently spoke about her ex-lover Elvis Presley and MJ, and said that “fame at that level was simply not survivable”. Michael Jackson was a very complex, complicated, driven, conflicted, and ultimately human artist whose talent never satisfied the hunger within him. His sexuality, whatever aspect it took, was a big part of what made him an incredible performer, and I agree that it doesn’t matter how you define him now. Nobody can quite pin him down no matter how they try, and this may be his ultimate revenge on all of us.

  14. If it’s true that MJ was a “player,” then I am very upset and disappointed, because that’s not how he presented himself, and it means that he had no qualms about using and hurting women. I don’t respect that, and in my mind his image is tarnished.

  15. You have to give MJ credit though. He kept everybody wondering about his sex life. He was able to keep the lid on that one, whether his marriages were a sham or not. LOL, which I think they both were. Debbie Rowe was put up in a hotel after their marriage and lived in a separate residence the entire marriage. One of MJ’s employees said she would see LMP and MJ and it was absolutely no affection shown between the two of them. None. Come on now.
    Look at Prince, the man has been attached to beautiful women since the day he became famous. Most hetero men DO really date. Brooke Shields said she was just a friend of MJ’s and Tatum O’Neal said the same thing–no dates, no interest.

  16. Teddy Riley defending his brother 🙂
    I never saw MJ as gay; he was extremely attractive just wish he had been able to see this himself (plastic surgery).
    He wowed everybody – who do you know that could do that all at once.
    It’s because he was not a womaniser, player or seen to be in gay or heterosexual relationships that they dobbed him a pedophile.
    He was too quiet in that area.
    However, there have been many glimpses from watching his clips that you see MJ’s interest slight.
    No, he definately was not gay – when females shouted his name and said I love you, he always responded, when the guys shouted his name – no response. It was always for the ‘ladies in the back’.

  17. i think michael jackson wasn’t gay. if he was, there should have been evidence of his having had homosexual relationships before he died. I’m just wondering why that book came out only now that he’s dead. And i also noted that none among those who knew him personally seem to give a hint that he was gay; they only gave hints that he was “effeminate”- shrieking sometimes, acting like a “drama queen”, but apart from these all their statements seem to point out that he was straight- Gotham Chopra, Quincy Jones, Teddy Riley, Ne-yo, his bodyguards and associates and those who knew him way back during his Motown days. most of their statements also were similar, that he was a fun-loving, mischievous kid who did “boy stuff”, and I don’t think they just happen to collaborate on that subject . These statements came from males and I supposed (from my observations), men can more easily detect another man’s sexuality, whether he’s gay or not. Then I saw the video in youtube (search “crazy fan”), now because of this vid I’m really convinced he wasn’t gay at all. He just sort of “compartmentalized” his life- he tried so hard to leave something that will be “private” to him & those who knew him personally. And I think that, since he was the kind of person who really placed a great deal of his energy onto his passion- his singing, dancing, his whole career, his art, plus he was such a deep-thinker (proof: his Dancing the Dream book), he cannot find much time to think about sex or even explore sex. What he did was, express it through his music, instead. He himself said, he used to imagine or fantasize a lot. And I also think he was a late-bloomer- being so sheltered, shy and all that. Just voicing my thoughts; not that being gay is bad or sumthin. It’s just that he was different, and I guess he loves being so, it was deeply-rooted in him since he was a kid- he felt he was different from others because everybody made him feel so, the moment they heard him singing and saw him perform. People can be so judgmental, I think. For most people, it’s not easy to accept that just because a guy wanted to respect a woman doesn’t mean he’s gay. I think he just wanted to be respectful of women since as a child he was deeply affected by his father’s and brother’s behavior towards women, and how his father had hurt his mother’s feelings (read The Magic and the Madness).
    He’s definitely not perfect, but he was able to do a lot for music & entertainment; & with his humanitarian efforts, and for that, I really admire him. I came to admire him more when I learned he had a book which contains his poems and reflections about life, love, & God. I love that, I got to see the beautiful side of him. Sometimes, some people love to look for faults in a person just so they’ll feel better about themselves, ‘coz they haven’t got even just an inch of this other person’s talent & compassion , so they blow up the ugly sides. Well, even God is not very popular to others. No wonder.

  18. I definitely don’t think MJ was gay. Not because of my intense crush on him, since I was a young girl, but because he went to great lengths to keep his private life, private. Some would argue that would be a great cover for being gay, but it would also indicate that Michael was just as normal as we all are, and how many of us go around flaunting our sexual conquests. I definitely don’t talk about it outside of my circle. But, also because many of his first attractions if you will, were to women – Diana Ross, Stephanie Mills, Brooke Shields, Tatum O’Neal, Shana Mangatal, Lisa Marie Presley. He proposed to Brooke when she was still a virgin and so was he, she declined. Tatum says in her book, that it was Michael who initiated sex and that she wasn’t ready for it. Stephanie Mills says that Michael was definitely “all man” and was an excellent kisser. Shana said that he was a “normal red-blooded” man. The funny thing is, we’re so ready to believe tabloids over women who’ve had personal encounters with him. Just cause he was a late bloomer doesn’t make him gay. And just because there may have been many, doesn’t make him a “player” in that he used women. He dated, Duh! It makes him “NORMAL!” Isn’t that what we wanted him to be? I definitely believe Lisa Marie because even after their divorce she would travel the world to meet up with him -London, South Africa – who does that regularly if there’s no interest there. I think it was definitely a sexual connection, if nothing else there. But, who am I???

  19. No Michael was not gay
    Actually he was involved with a lady at the time of his death
    A Las Vegas actress, he met in 2008.. there is a blog somewhere about her but cannot find it… Lorelei Lanford
    He was also involved with Brooke Shields in his early years

  20. He wasn’t gay. My Uncle worked as a guard and staff employee at Michael’s house, and one of the women he had a relationship with is now heading a Michael Jackson worldwide event for fans and humanitarians. She dated him in 1991 and my uncle said they would spend hours in his room, door locked, and so far she’s remained a private person who has never ratted MJ out. Never went on TV, but most of the staff were very aware of her when she came to visit and it’s a known fact they kept in touch up until his death. I’m not buying this Las Vegas woman Lorelei Lanford, I haven’t read a thing on her. I do know my Uncle is not a liar and would have nothing to gain by telling me what he witnessed.Michael wasn’t gay.

  21. Calvin—
    I am curious about this woman that you say MJ supposedly had a relationship with. Was she a “regular” person or someone more high profile? In entertainment or another business? Why would they have kept things SO private, particularly in light of the child molestation accussations that followed in 1993 and later in 2003 — why wouldn’t MJ have gone public about having a relationship with a grown woman? It’s hard to understand how someone as maligned by the media as Michael Jackson wouldn’t want to “normalize” his image a little. If he did have an affair with this woman, it’s perplexing why it remained such a secret.
    And this woman — how old would she be now, about MJ’s age or younger? And why would she not come forward, in light of Ian Halperin’s scathing accusations that Michael had gay lovers? One would think she’d want to redeem Michael’s image?
    What about MJ’s former staff that would have known about her? There is no confidentiality clause with a dead person, so I am surprised that MJ former employees don’t speak more publically now about Michael’s life.
    Last question: you say you don’t buy that MJ had a relationship with Lorelei Lanford, as “I haven’t read a thing on her.” Why wouldn’t MJ have secretly dated this Lorelei woman? If, as you say, he was having a fling with the woman you mentioned, the public never heard about her, either!!
    I don’t disbelieve MJ was straight, but there is still no compelling evidence that suggests Michael was a long-term heterosexual.
    Besides, if MJ was indeed a “late bloomer”, 1991 was when he would have just begun having any sexual experiences. It is possible that early in his life he “tried heterosexuality” but that it wasn’t for him. Why would Mark Lester, godparent to MJ’s children, state publically on TV that Michael asked him to donate sperm because MJ found it difficult to do the sexual act with a woman? What does that tell you?
    I think it’s altogether possible MJ did try heterosexual sex but as he gained sexual and life experience, ultimately found he was not sexually attracted to women.

  22. Mj wasn’t gay, let it go. noone knew the real mj. the man publicly had the soft voice but privately had a deep masculine voice. And was a Real Dude. He had Bubbles as a pet, yet an author said that was just for show. MJ publicly distance himself from the black community, yet spent alot of his time in Africa, and the majority of his charities were to black charities. and MJ definitely loved women, but I personally think he categorized women. With black women , I believed he sexualized, while other women he romanticized them. Look at his videos for Remember The Time, In The Closet, and remix,The Way You Make Me Feel, Dirty Diana- these videos were women that were overly sexual in a way. And let’s not forget Thriller- although not sexual. Ola Ray his costar was a Playboy Playmate, and she talked about how MJ was smitten by the fact that she was a playmate, and once she was dressing , MJ had walked in on her, while she was half-dressed, and didn’t seem to uncomfortable with her being nude. Or the fact that MJ hired Kai Chase as his chef, but took the time to have his son ask Kai to prepare the table, she turns around and she notices MJ checking out her butt. Some on youtube wants to say that he was embarrased by that, but Kai Chase never mentioned him being embarrassed by getting caught. A gay man doesn’t check out women’s butt. While, with his white video women he never appeared sexual, and Shields described him as asexual. And LMP that video of YANA really didn’t scream out sexual chemistry. I, truly believed he knew how to categorized women, and sadly I truly believe that black women were seen as sexual objects to him, whereas white women were seen as romantic figures for him, or that’s how his public image comes across. Like I said, noone knows the real Michael Jackson because by his own admission during the Oprah interview he would give stories to the tabloids. So trying to analyze MJ is kind of an non-issue.

  23. I highly disagree because your forgetting the key woman he trully loved and would have died for, DIANA ROSS.
    he loved every inch of her, wanted to marry her, and treated her like a queen in public. thats why he wanted her to be the secondary mother of his kids in his will.

  24. Maybe that’s why he had a crush on Kelly Rowland. She has similar characteristics of Diana Ross. Physical appearance,tall and slender, both have big brown eyes. And Kelly Rowland has a quite , sophisticated vibe about her, she’s real conservative like Diana Ross. Wonder why Kelly Rowland hasn’t acknowledge the MJ crush, that would be an ultimate compliment.
    My previous post, I was trying to figure out , Ross was obviously his perfect woman, why didn’t he try to marry a woman like Diana Ross. MJ was one complicated man. I guess he could only crush on a woman similar ways, if he couldn’t have the real thing.

  25. I don’t know why so many people think Michael was gay. It’s almost like a joke and just another insult thrown at him to try and bring him down. Rarely does anyone discuss it seriously. I’ve only heard it used to diss him. With as much as I’ve watched, heard, and read about him from other people who knew him and himself I’m pretty damn sure the man was straight. I don’t really know why it’s THAT big of deal, or such a debate, though. There is no doubt in my mind he loved women. If I were a lady in his life, I’d sure as hell love him right back. 😉
    (totally had to throw my fan girl feelings in there)
    And to be completely honest, I didn’t always think he was straight. Shame on me. The less I knew about him, the more it seemed possible. Now I’m educated, on the man himself, and look back at my views like wtf? I based them on lies and exaggerations from people who were biased (in an I hate him/ he’s a freak, way). Look stuff up for yourself and try not to let the media cloud your judgment (hard as that is). You might just find a change of opinion.

  26. Thank you Teddy Riley. I believe he loved women. Absolutely no reason to believe otherwise. People and media/tabloids have lied, twisted truth and attacked him for years. What’s new…who cares what the media says anymore…Junk mail…
    Love you Michael Jackson….RIP

  27. Why won’t people let this gay sh!t go?!? I know MJ had a strong belief in not having sex before marriage, but he definitely loved and was attracted to women. He just wasn’t the type to flaunt his sexuality like some artists.
    RIP Michael, Love you always!!!

  28. Are people kidding? MJ was not gay. Just ask Lisa Marie, he did her at LEAST 3-4 times a night and loved to do it standing. Let’s not forget her travelling around the world with her kids just to be with him after ther divorce and at time spending almost a month with him like she did in South Africa. Anyone who is still saying the marriage was a total sham or was not sexual is just refusing to see the truth. This lady was so desperate to get back with him that she offered him 9 kids and whatever he wanted, she was also doing him in dressing rooms, servicing him in elevators, kissing him in public and touching his privates under the table in restaurants, and all of this was POST divorce. No wonder she was so bitter later on, it was because he refused to remarry her. MJ was a woman lover, deal with it.

  29. Are people kidding? MJ was not gay. Just ask Lisa Marie, he did her at LEAST 3-4 times a night and loved to do it standing. Let’s not forget her travelling around the world with her kids just to be with him after ther divorce and at time spending almost a month with him like she did in South Africa. Anyone who is still saying the marriage was a total sham or was not sexual is just refusing to see the truth. This lady was so desperate to get back with him that she offered him 9 kids and whatever he wanted, she was also doing him in dressing rooms, servicing him in elevators, kissing him in public and touching his privates under the table in restaurants, and all of this was POST divorce. No wonder she was so bitter later on, it was because he refused to remarry her. MJ was a woman lover, deal with it.

  30. First of all, I do not believe MJ was gay. If he was, that was his buisness. But, I have to agree with this last comment. I do not think MJ was a womanizer, but he definetly was a woman lover. He had to come across as almost ‘asexual’ like to have cross over appeal. and when I cay cross-over appeal, whenever you get any comment from a black female that had a run in (non-sexual or not) he would be very flirty, almost aggressive with a boyish quality. With the Brooke Sheilds of the world it took on a more virginal quality. And if you have noticed, Brookes, Lisa-maries of the world are the ones that got the most coverage. You never hear about how he went into a party looking for Beyonce, or his Chef (a black woman) speaking on his flirting. With all of this said, I think that the ‘asexual’ or ‘virginal’ was for cross over appeal. Maybe he felt like he would not have appealed to the young girl from Ireland if he was caught screwing a big booty chick from LA. I hate to sound that way but, this whole virginal aspect to him is a bunch of hogwash, even his performances are sexually charged. come on people.

  31. Mj was not gay ppl r just out for him that guy who wrote that book sayin he liked men is a damn liar I think the reson y he published it after mj died is probaly becuse if mj were alive he would have said that he’s not gay and I belive that mj wasn’t I mean the way the guy danced and grabed his croach and even his songs just proves he’s not gay I’m a super fan and I have a huge crush on mj and if ppl did some searchin on the Internet they would realize theguys not gay and didn’t he have like a som from a one night stand named Omer bhatti like bac in 1980 somtin anyway look that up and didn’t he say his song dirty Diana was from groupi experences ppl befor u speak search it up anyway love mj to death I don’t think he was a womanizer but I don’t think he was gay he probaly just respected woman anyway peace and love

  32. HAHAHA these comments are wild!!!
    But I think with MJ’s personality, he would have came out a long time ago if he were really gay.I think he was straight as an arrow and nobody really likes that reality….RIP MJ
    (LOL i’m still dyin from these comments:))

  33. People who comment that MJ showed his genitals to little boys are stupid.The two boys who accused Michael Jackson of molesting them were never able to describe accurately the singer’s genitals to the police.Stop saying nonsense,people.The media brainwashed all of us to make believe MJ was a child molester.It was all lies.Open your eyes.Read Michael’s autopsy report.Read his F.B.I. files.Stop slandering the king of pop.

  34. LOOK MICHAEL JACKSON IS not fucking Gay okay?? In fact i heard 20 20 last night that he and ola ray messed went to 2nd or probably 3rd base during the time of the Thriller Video. At least thats what Ola insinuated to the interviewer.

  35. I wish these silly fans would stop posting comments about MJ getting erections onstage from some total stranger female fans. If you look closely, he let them hug him very briefly then he would take their hands off him and motion for security to come get them. I have seen that vid. where the poster talks about an erection. That is a lie. MJ was not a womanizer and would not have received an erection from a total stranger. Hell his own wives had a hard time getting him to drop his britches let alone some total stranger. Michael was laughing sort of making fun of those silly fans that were brought up onstage. I bet he was thinking, ‘silly beeyatch’. No way. I don’t know if he were gay or not, but it doesn’t matter at this point.

  36. I just looked at Michael’s beautiful drawings and I didn’t see one of a naked young boy, Wade. Pedophiles draw naked kids. Michael was also an incredible artist. He was incredible at everything. Pain meds can kill a sex drive and so can the betrayal of the media. He was the sexiest man ever born. I don’t think he was gay but like you all say, who cares if he was.


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