(VIDEO) Rickey Smiley Talks About  Losing His Best Friend Koco Cure To Cancer


Rickey Smiley went live after the Rickey Smiley Morning show and opened up about losing his best friend Koco Cure to cancer. Koco had been battling breast cancer and had even beat it, after which the cancer came back again.

Koco Cure passed away last night after the doctors had tried everything to save her. Koco used to be Rickey Smiley’s employee. Rickey appeared devastated and reminded people to keep Koco’s family in their prayers.

Rickey Smiley said Koco was just in his house for dinner, and even played a video he recorded after they had dinner. In the video, Rickey and Koco were happy and even shared laughter and hugs.

Koco Cure in the video was heard saying “Chemo not working”, adding that she’s staying positive, and enjoying life. Rickey told Koco to tell people her CashApp tag so they can send her financial support.

On Koco’s Instagram, she posted last on September 18th. The post had a profound caption and read, “I’m manifesting and BOLDLY PRAYING for a MIRACLE of FULL HEALING! A miracle that you know only my GOD did it!! 

You heal me God…I’m yours.  I am no longer on chemo or treatment. I’m healing my body naturally. God, I have more work to do. I have more people to inspire and motivate. I have more people to show God’s grace, mercies, miracles. 

Show them when you only have a HEALTHY FAITH to lean on…he got you!! I know it gets hard but hold on and keep pushing. Help is on the way.  I’m grateful for my life. Even when things look dim or when it’s blinding neon bright. I still bless you God!  I’m praying you bless me with healthy old age into my late 70-90s.”

Rickey emotionally talked about how nothing was really woking and that the cancer had gotten aggressive, unfortunately taking his friend’s life.

Rickey continued that it’s hard to make people laugh when he’s crying on the inside, saying that if he was working at UPS lifting boxes, he would be okay.


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