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How Kevin Samuels Created a Big Online Media Empire

Kevin Samuels is Solely Operating an Entire Radio Corporation on a YouTube Channel

Kevin Samuels is an absolutely brilliant and polarizing figure. You either love him or hate him. Most men love him and many women, well let’s just say …. are not big fans of his. But his female fan base, ironically… is growing. 

kevin samuels

Samuels targets Black women who he feels scale themselves out of the dating market by giving themselves too much credit and who are not willing to admit to their own shortcomings and adhere to the traditional role of a woman for a Black man instead of playing both the female and male roles and expecting a black man to accept their terms.  

The comments and the arguments he makes often draw ire from black women and applause from black men for saying what many Black men think.

Ultimately, it appears he is saying Black women being alone is the fault of black women and their single black female friends. Samuels even goes after the weight of black women saying that 80% of Black women are overweight and that is a barrier to keeping Black men at a distance from them.

What makes Kevin Samuels show so riveting is that Black men are traditionally quiet when it comes to getting a point across to black women. Black men have rarely had the platform to do so outside of barbershops and basketball courts. The media world rarely gives Black men a platform to express themselves.

Samuels is the first Black man who is not afraid to take on the entire Black female dating population. His niche is wide open. There is nobody to call to cancel him at a radio station or corporation and he doesn’t have a boss for women to complain to. He IS the boss.

Black men significantly have the greatest chance to succeed as entrepreneurs in the world that we live in as this eliminates the hierarchy of racism he is liable to face in the working world. Kevin Samuels has completely taken advantage of his talents and position without waiting on permission or a call back from anyone.

He can be blunt, rude, and hilarious in one sentence. Radio would label him a “shock jock” (a dying breed on commercial radio) all day long but Black DJs would never survive on commercial radio doing what he does. 

Let’s ignore the content of his show for a minute and focus on how he turned a Youtube segment into a global financial empire. 

Kevin Samuels The Businessman

Samuels is in or closely approaching his mid-50s and he has managed to come on to the scene from nowhere like a firestorm. He is able to take complete advantage of and promote his own product and he is literally a one-man radio station or better yet radio corporation. 

His content is not policed, censured, or considerate of someone else’s brand.

Impeccably dressed, very confident an excellent communicator, and a level of intellect that is unmatched by a majority of his audience there is little left to attack Kevin Samuels with when you don’t like what he says.

Kevin exudes so much confidence that he even makes MEN uncomfortable when they interview him. He doesn’t care what you say, how you feel, or what you think of him and it’s evident. He is his own man.

Twice married and a cancer survivor. Kevin’s space in the online media globe continues to expand.

There is no doubt that commercial radio would love to have Kevin Samuels but at this point could never afford what he brings to the table.

Not just financially but a commercial radio station would not be able to control his money and his content and create a harmonious relationship in the process.

Samuels is right where he needs to be where the sky is the limit and few middlemen are involved. He has no experience as a broadcaster but he’s a natural at communication … which is STILL a major key to success, I can say this because I am a professional communicator.

There are MANY podcasters and other video hosts with channels who fall short of this ability and fail miserably even with money-making channels. Their inability to communicate well or enthusiastically limits their ability for greater success with online channels. 

Kevin Samuels probably makes several times what a radio DJ in any market makes working for a corporation if not more by promoting and producing his own show and being in complete control of his brand. 

Commercial radio will always have its place and it’s not going anywhere but its audience has drastically changed over the recent years. Steve Harvey is still very popular on commercial radio for a certain group of people and Kevin Samuels’ audience is certainty targeting another group of people. There is no way these two shows have the same audience.

Social Media and Smart Phones

People have options to get whatever they want wherever they want however they want now online and on their smartphones so they can take whatever show they want with them wherever they go.

Today’s audience wants engaging a compelling content and while Kevin Samuels can pretty much do and say anything he wants on his show, commercial radio has its limits and workarounds thanks to being held captive by PPM (Nielsen’s Portable People Meter).

The rating system is like a bible to commercial radio stations and is the mother of a station’s ability to sell advertising.

Can Radio DJs be Kevin Samuels?

No, people like Samuels have little to worry about. Most if not all radio people are addicted to the “on-air” concept and they are not entrepreneurs for the most part.

I know very few who are able to do it, people like Wendy Williams, Frank Ski, and Rick Party can and have but VERY few others have. It’s just the way it is. Radio people are radio people.

On Air, Commercial Radio vs Kevin Samuels

When you work for a radio station you typically have to record your show at the same time every day there is a limit to what you can do and say and you still have to be engaging with a lot of limitations and you have to report to the corporation who is laser-focused on PPM. 

There are a few exceptions. Ratings with commercial radio are EVERYTHING. The most unfortunate thing about being trained to work in commercial radio is an almost innate INability to break and unlearn what you have learned. It is impossible to succeed as an online entity with the rules of commercial radio.

Unfortunately, for radio DJs, you never know how long you’re gonna last or you may have to move for your next job in a short period of time.

Fortunately, this is changing today so it is possible to be able to work from any market which is a great advantage for people who work in commercial radio. Most jocks have 4 or more hour shifts on the air.

Kevin can literally record his show anytime that he wants or even record several shows in one day. 

His show is interesting enough that he can say whatever he wants. He doesn’t have to second guess what he can say or do, he just does it. 

He has created a huge built-in fan base that is not coming to hear the music or commercials on a radio station, they’re coming to hear Kevin Samuels and he has impeccably timed his marketing so that people are so into his show that they WILL watch and listen to music at this point just to see what he has to say when he gets back.

No Rules

He IS the radio station and there is no middleman.

Kevin can record his show on Youtube from 15 minutes to an hour and still get the same hundreds of thousands of listeners and downloads and the shows are filed where you can watch anytime you want.

Radio Programming vs Kevin Samuels

Most commercial radio stations have programming involved daily where someone is programming the music and programming segments and shows throughout the day again this has to be done in consideration of competitors and PPM coupled with some of the other limits commercial radio has to adhere to such as content.

Commercial radio also has sales involved so there are commercials that run during a show that are usually unrelated to the show, the host, or the show’s content. This is not a problem for Youtube channels.


Commercial radio depends on PPM ratings to determine how much advertising a radio station will get and women are heavily targeted in certain demographics in order to lure advertisers for the entire station. 

Kevin also targets women and his stats are there for everyone to see in views and participation on his live calls. The advertisers approach him and others like him leaving the ball in his court to negotiate.


Commercial radio has an entire sales division to help sell the station whether it be local or national ads they’re selling the entire station. This is largely dependent on the right ratings with PPM and their programming

I have no doubt that Kevin Samuels is being approached by advertisers directly and he gets 100% of the profit instead of having a split it with the entire radio station in addition he can play music and charge the artists as well as put on mentions and banners of a product.

Radio DJs cannot do this and would be fired if they did. There are SO many ways to make money with a Youtube channel.


There are a lot of people involved in a commercial radio station and they do not allow DJs to do anything without their permission.

DJs cannot use the station’s name or likeness in any way without the station’s permission they are an employee of the station so they represent the station at all times whether it be on social media or selling or promoting themselves.

I know people who work in radio who have to tell the station about all their other projects to get approval and to dismiss a conflict of interest.

Unfortunately, most people who hire a radio DJ for an event are going to want him or her to mention the station because the station is much bigger than the jock. In addition, jocks only get a fee for appearing at events which is a low percentage of what the client is paying the radio station.

Kevin Samuels is the entire radio station he doesn’t need permission and he is selling his own brand and himself so he can walk into a space and ask for an amount of money and he collects 100% of it. There is no middleman no one to call no one to verify anything with. He doesn’t have to ask for permission to promote what he does

Music Artists

There are certain artists who will never get airplay at a radio station because of PPM, super tight playlists, and politics. In addition, many don’t have the budget to promote their songs with commercial radio nationwide or make appearances at shows in various markets.

People are often complaining that there’s no good music out there but ironically there’s a ton of good music you just never hear because of PPM.

The way PPM works is that a station has to play songs that are familiar in order to maintain their audience. It is all about competition and the station has to keep people listening and not tuning into competing stations.

Kevin Samuels has very little competition at this point a lot of people riding his coattails but no competition. And even if he did he could still garner his own worldwide audience versus a limited local audience with any radio station.

Kevin can charge a fee to an artist to promote or play that song and he can do it without breaking any laws. It’s not the same for commercial radio.

Relegated Expert

Commercial radio makes their call letters the relegated “expert” and I don’t blame them.

The company is bigger than anyone who works there. So the station itself is the expert in the community but a DJ is not allowed to have that position unless it is Steve Harvey or another syndicated show, for example.

Kevin Samuels is the relegated expert again not dependent on anything but himself he has complete control of his show and his ability to promote himself. He doesn’t have to promote Youtube, it’s already only second to online searches next to Google.

For years we have been telling radio DJs to do what Kevin Samuels does when they are out of work but as I said earlier radio people are radio people.

This has left an entire space available for people like Samuels to create an online version of a talk show and win big. Whatever your niche is even if it’s outside of radio it is very possible to double, triple, quadruple, and even quintuple your income if you are great at communication and are willing to put in the work for yourself. Whether you like Kevin Samuels or not, he’s a brilliant businessman who is taking complete advantage of his 15 minutes and also creating the ancillary products in the process like consulting, creating other pay-for-play channels playing music and more.

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