Rickey Smiley Discusses His Beef With Comedian Arnez J. (VIDEO)


    Rickey Smiley discussed his beef with comedian Arnez J. Smiley said that it is a good day in comedy. He understands that there are a lot of disagreements in comedy. He said it is just like at a job when people have fights and conflicts. The radio host said he had a situation like Mo’Nique and DL Hughley years ago.

    “Quietly had this, 23 or more years. Let me see; it could have been more than that. 23 years of quiet beef with Arnez J. Just petty, ego, you know, just a little bull stuff that you go through,” said smiley.

    Smiley said he ran across Arnez J. on an airplane on his way back from a wedding. Smiley said that it takes a man to admit that he is wrong without justification, and that is what the two comedians were able to do.

    Smiley said no one even knew that the two entertainers had problems with each other.

    “Nobody knew we were ever beefing. You just never seen no shows with me and him together here. Probably will now, but we just kind of kept our beef private and just kind of worked around each other. And just work for the past 23 years because even when I felt like I didn’t like him, I always respected him,” said Smiley.

    “Two of the funniest comedians the country had the opportunity to sit on a plane and privately. And the reason why I’m sharing it and talking about it publicly is because I just want to let people know, man, all comedians we go through stuff, and a lot of us go through stuff,” said Smiley.

    Smiley said comedians have their drama but usually deal with it positively. He said if comedy creators can talk about the bad, they can also talk about the good.

    If there is any petty “beef” going on, Smiley said to do the right thing and stop it.


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