The Breakfast Club Discusses Mo’Nique’s Response to D.L. Hughley’s Comments About Her on His Show (VIDEO)


The Breakfast Club Discussed Mo’Nique’s response to D.L. Hughley’s comments about her on his show. Mo’Nique went on social media live with her husband, Sidney Hicks because they wanted to respond to what D.L. Hughley had to say on his radio show about the contract dispute between the two comedians. Mo’Nique was supposed to be the headliner, she claimed, while Hughley declared he was supposed to headline the show.

Both comedians posted their contracts. There has been a lot of confusion as to who is telling the truth.

“D.L. Hughley has a habit of saying freely what he wants to say about anybody. See, let me tell y’all when I made that joke about D.L. Hughley. I didn’t think you would get tender about your feelings because you made the comment about the baby stage names. Said it was names like that don’t you think they would wind up in jail. That’s what you said. Well, I thought I was coming back, being clever making a joke. Cause you know, back in the day when somebody was on the DL, you knew what they were. I don’t think you are a homosexual male, D.L., I was making a joke, and I can’t believe you got tender,” said Mo’Nique.

Mo’Nique said she couldn’t believe the comedian was offended by what she had to say. “It has nothing to do with your sexuality and everything to do with your heart. You brother, you are in your feelings. I cannot believe that… for the comedians, pay attention, baby, pay attention. See when you run your mouth about other people, you don’t know who you’re running up into, and then you get to running up into a brick wall, and then you want to play [the] victim and fall out and act like you’ve been damaged, come on. Like I said, I feel sorry for your family.”

Mo’Nique said Hughley is arrogant. He was not the one who hired her, nor was he the one who promoted the show, so why is he saying he gave her a chance?

“I want you black women to hear what this black man is saying. I gave Mo’Nique a chance. Well, here will be the question, to do what? What did you give me a chance to do? You weren’t the promoter. No money came from you. Who are you that you would be giving me a chance… and what I would ask of the community, what I would beg of us, stop being so quick to jump on the bus whichever way it goes down the street. Listen to the facts of what it is, go back, and listen to what I said. I feel sorry for your family. I feel sorry for your wife.

“So let me be clear for you babies watching Saturday night. I don’t care where I went up on that stage; I was going to hand D.L. Hughley his ass because, through the years, I’ve listened to this man speak so freely about my poor decisions, my life choices. And he spoke as if we had a conversation sitting down talking,” said Mo’Nique.

There was a lot more to the conversation, said Angela Yee; however, that was the highlight. Charlemagne Tha God said he wished the two comedy stars were joking; however, this does not sound like a playful back and forth between the two.

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