Young Rapper Killed on IG Live

    Photo Credit Indian Red Boy, Instagrm

    Multiple resources state they witnessed a young rapper by the name of Indian Red Boy as he was killed inside of his car this past Thursday. He also just happened to be having a conversation on Instagram Live when the shots rang out leaving viewers surprised.

    During the video, he disappears when the shots rang out then he reappears with blood on his face and gasping for air. The person he was talking to asked him where he was and he asked for help then said he was in Hawthorne (CA). The camera then falls and Red Boy is seen slumping.

    Indian Red Boy who’s real name was Zerail Dijon Rivera pronounced dead on the scene when the Hawthorne police arrived. Authorities state could he was shot several times in the face and a total of eight shots were fired. The assailant was then seen fleeing the scene


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