300 Entertainment CEO & Co Founder Kevin Liles and YouTube’s Lyor Cohen Appear on MSNBC’s ‘Mavericks’

kevin liles mavericks
300 Entertainment

300 Entertainment CEO & Co-Founder Kevin Liles and YouTube’s Lyor Cohen were recent guests on”Mavericks” on MSNBC.

During the interview, the music moguls sat down with Ari Melber for an in-depth conversation on the state of the industry. They also revealed interesting details about their own lives as two of the driving forces behind innovative strategies for digital music, record labels, and streaming platforms.The award-winning digital content series made its return on September 10, with plans to feature other mavericks across music, film, and business this month. Past interviews have featured Academy Award-nominated director Lee Daniels, Grammy Award-winner Annie Lennox, and Emmy-winner Jill Soloway.Watch the full interview with Liles and Cohen here


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