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Wharton Business School Offers MBA Program Classes Online for FREE





In order for someone to get an from Wharton University of Pennsylvania they would end up spending approximately $200,000 in tuition and various expenses. In an groundbreaking move, Wharton is now offering some of there MBA course content online and it’s absolutely FREE!

Of course you won’t be able to get an MBA for free but the new courses in financial accounting, marketing, and are virtual replicas of what you would learn during your first year at Wharton’s acclaimed business school, says Don Huesman, managing director of the group at Wharton.

In early September, Wharton also announced a  fourth course in operations management that was added to this new an innovative approach to FREE education cleverly entitled the “foundation series.”  Entitled MOOC’s for short, there are a total of nine massive open online courses that include five existing electives, which include courses on sports business and health care that will be taught by the same professors that teach the current students that are enrolled in the traditional MBA program.

“This is the first time that a business school has bundled a collection of MOOCs together in this fashion,” Huesman says of the foundation series. “We’re taking our core required classes in the MBA program, with the same instructors, to provide those same core concepts.”

All the courses in the foundation series are 6 to 10 weeks long, with the first, financial accounting, starting on Sept. 16. Each consists of a combination of prerecorded lectures and interactive features, such as discussion boards that allow students to ask questions and get answers from the professor or an assistant. Huesman suggests that these are not flush classes and that many of the professors use this actual material in their traditional classes.

In my humble opinion, this is an awesome program and yes you can get a certificate for a $49 fee to say you finished the start up program to use for your benefit. For more information check out https://blog.coursera.org/post/60889088289/the-wharton-mba-foundation-series


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