That Time Ellen DeGeneres Cancelled Gospel Singer Kim Burrell for Extreme Rant Bashing Homosexuals and the Late Eddie Long (video)


Kim Burrell was once canceled by Ellen DeGeneres for an appearance to sing with Pharell from the movie soundtrack Hidden Figures in 2017. Ellen was not too far off on this one. Burrell also insulted Fantasia’s vocal ability.

Here she goes off the deep end on the LGBTQ community than in the video below; she denies everything she said in the first video. She was making a last-ditch effort to save an appearance on Ellen from promoting a song project with Pharrell but Ellen didn’t want her on the show, and there was a considerable backlash.

Some of the names people called Kim were hilarious. Like, “The Hunchback of the Hood” (see the first video to see what they meant), She pretty much vanished from social media, but it’s rather odd that the late bisexual superstar Whitney Houston held her in such high regard.

kim burrell
(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Essence)

Radio Facts: Gospel singer Kim Burrell is trending heavy for her highly derogatory remarks against homosexuals in the black church “You play with the homosexual spirit in God’s house, and you’ll die from it in 2017,” Burrell stated to church members during a sermon in her church.

“That perverted homosexual spirit is a spirit of delusion and confusion, and it has deceived many men and women,” the singer says.  She calls homosexuals “serpents” Finally, kicking Bishop Eddie Long while he’s down, she says, “Nobody would think you have AIDS if homosexual men didn’t come out and reveal what you did behind closed doors.”  She indicates that Long is an embarrassment to the church.

Janelle Monae Makes Comment About Kim Burrell Being Booted from Ellen

Burrell is good friends with Donnie McClurkin; she has worked with gay singer Frank Ocean and was good friends and idolized by the late Whitney Houston, whose ex-husband Bobby Brown admitted in his book was bisexual.

In the second video, Burrell backpedaled on a FaceBook Live video stating she never said anything about LGBT people precisely and that she doesn’t care about people getting upset and saying they supported her because “I have yet to sell a million albums, what support?”

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