Radio Programmer Sues Radio Station because Owner Said he was not “Godlike” Awarded 500K

Heritage Buffalo, NY radio station WUFO was sued by a former programmer by what he describes in his case as a hostile environment that demanded he partake in religious practices.

Robert Frank aka Bobby Wonder

Things went south when Robert Frank aka Bobby Wonder, who is also from Buffalo but moved from Carolina to take the position, started working at the station in 2016 and comments were allegedly made after he was hired by majority owner Sheila Brown (Vision Multimedia Group-WUFO Radio LLC) that he was “Not godlike” and that he “Needed to perform in a Christian manner.”

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Sheila Brown WUFO Owner

Frank also described witnessing praying in the offices on several occasions. Frank felt that he was pressured into joining the religious affiliations of other staff members.

Frank sued on the basis of religion and gender and won the case. Brown emphatically denies the allegations and states her lawyers are reviewing the decision and determining their next move.

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