Rickey Smiley Talks About Why Kenya Moore is Ditching the Villain Role and Embracing a Carefree Persona (Video)


Fans are getting ready for the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya Moore, who has been on the show since 2012, said that fans would get to see a carefree and lighthearted side. Moore stated that she is tired of playing the villain role.

“I am the Kenya that I was always meant to be this season. It is so funny because I think that I got pegged into this villain role and it was like, girl, just let someone else have the baton,” she said.

Moore is revamping her image on the show. She wants viewers to see that she is a lighthearted, fun, and sassy person.

Staying true to herself, Moore said, “Now I would still tell a, ‘B,’ off, that’s Kenya, but I do it with such dignity and grace.”

Fans gave Moore the title of the villain on the Housewives. Moore admitted that she decided to go in that direction.

“I think I was pegged into the villain role really early, and I just was never able to get out of that. I sort of, in my own way, leaned into it… Because now, this really isn’t who I am anymore, and I hate that I have been perceived this way,” Moore said.

Moore also addressed her ongoing clash with a show friend, Porsha Williams, and said she is ready to move on.

“I feel that where we are is just where we are not necessarily by my doing at all, especially in the last season. I definitely made that offer for peace, extending the olive branch, but it was not returned. I realized that it wasn’t me at that point, and I was ready to move on. And yes, I’m free of that situation. I am happy for people to move on too,” said Moore.

Reportedly, that is Moore’s way of exclaiming there are no ill feelings towards Williams. Moore is allegedly happy for her former castmate and moving on with her life.

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