Tre’ Armstrong Will Host Toronto’s Young Day 2012


Choreographer, Actress and Mentor, Tre’ Armstrong will host Toronto’s Youth Day 2012, Sunday, July 22 at Dundas Square. Coming off her duties as judge on CTV’s “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” and combining her years of dance, both performing and teaching, Ms. Armstrong was the perfect choice to take on hosting duties. The talented choreographer will host from 6 PM – 9 PM. Dancers from Tre”s “A New DAEI Studio” will perform at the event. “A New DAEI Studio” will also have a booth at Dundas Square. The Yonge Street closure allows Youth Day 2012 to offer artisan booths, over 10 hours of non-stop performances, youth art, a photography gallery, fashion show, a Sports Meet & Greet, and a Headliner performance finale.Next, the versatile Ms. Armstrong will be apart of the Coke Olympics “Move to the Beat” bus tour, Wednesday, August 1st at Dundas Square. Tre” is honored to be a part of Coke’s exciting cross-Canada tour, herself a mentor, knowing the value that dance can bring to today’s youth. Dancers from A New DAEI Studio will perform. You won’t want to miss these performances!

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