Mo’Nique Responds to DL Hughley (video)


One thing that can be said about Monique is that she knows how to keep her name fresh on the socials. If she’s doing this for marketing purposes it’s working. Here’s her response to DL Hughley’s response to her about her going in on him in Detroit on stage at the comedy show.

Monique talks about how DL Hughley often goes on “that white man’s show” (Vlad TV) and talks about anybody and says anything including her and how she has been quiet for a very long time but it was her chance to get back at him or to address him for the things he said about her in the past… see video below

Mo’Nique responds to DL Hughley

“Through the years, Ive watched this man talk about all that I’m not- what I didn’t deserve. I’m mentally ill. I was bitter. Me and my husband did poor business”

Posted by Angela Yee on Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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