D.L. Hughley Talks about New Book “How Not to Get Shot” and How Megyn Kelly Interview Inspired Him to Write it


Radio Facts:

How Not to Get Shotradiofacts.com and Other Advice from White People

DL is so damn funny. He is eons ahead of concepts like the Kings of Comedy. I would love to see him, Chris Rock and Wanda Sykes on tour. His new book “How Not to Get Shot and other Advice from White People” is a parody with a serious message about the world black people are living in.  “Po Po Potpourri” is a made-up scent that is one of those trees that you hang from your rearview mirror that rids the car of the fake marijuana scent that police always claim to smell when stopping black people according to DL. In addition, It’s really interesting to see how Megyn Kelly has switched it up for the cameras when she was hired by a major network. Do you watch her or more important BELIEVE her?DL had a nasty encounter with the former Fox News anchor and he states that interview encouraged him to write his latest book “How Not to Get Shot” I will buy a copy, love sarcasm and thought-provoking material.


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