DL Hughley Questions Why Those with Mental Illness Have a Hard Time Getting Help but have Easy Access to Weapons (Video)


    DL Hughley questioned why people with mental illness could access weapons so easily. He cited the story of a 62-year-old man who shot up a subway in New York. The man was unsettled, argued Hughley.

    “He obviously was troubled, made several social media posts, and indeed warned people that he would do exactly what he did,” said Hughley.

    Why is it so simple for the mentally ill to gain access to deadly firearms? Hughley wanted to know. With the rise of crime across America, the response of 20 states in the U.S. has made it easier for individuals to access weapons.

    “Crime and violence is rising across America. Murders are up. Robbery is up. Burglary is up, and in response to that, 20 states have decided to make it easier to get weapons,” said Hughley.

    Hughley does not believe that these laws will make America safe. “It’s like opening up donut shops if you’re obese,” he said.

    Hughley explained that it has become difficult for people suffering from mental health or substance abuse problems to gain access to treatment. However, obtaining a gun is a cinch.

    “If you’re mentally ill, it’s hard for you to get help, but easy for you to get guns. As a matter of fact, you can get a gun for almost every personality,” said Hughley.

    According to Hugley, Black and brown people and women are the most vulnerable segments of the population and will suffer more negative outcomes due to lax gun laws than other groups.

    “Women in America and across the world are more likely to be killed by someone they know. As a matter of fact, in Canada, you can’t have a gun unless your two previous mates say it’s okay, three previous mates,” said Hughley.

    He added that people who amass powerful weapons are waiting for a reason to use them, regardless of the excuse, race, war, aliens, etc. Hughley claimed those who gather large amounts of ammo and weapons are bad guys waiting to happen.

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