Trying to Quit Smoking? New Study Reveals Surprising Effectiveness of Electronic Cigarettes


starter-kit-img-newDr. Keith Ablow Releases Study Regarding Effectiveness of Electronic Cigarettes Renowned Psychiatrist Finds Electronic Cigarettes Effective Tools to Transition Off Tobacco, In Study Funded by LOGIC Technology

LOGIC Technology, makers of premium electronic cigarettes, today announced the results of an expanded clinical study, conducted by Dr. Keith Ablow, showing the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes and their ability to reduce tobacco product usage.  Over the course of three months, 70 percent of participants had stopped smoking entirely, giving insight into the need for a larger, government-funded national study.

Sponsored by LOGIC, Dr. Ablow offered traditional tobacco smokers ten disposable menthol or regular flavored electronic cigarettes to monitor and track their experiences. Participants were asked about their use of tobacco and use of e-cigarettes periodically over time. After 90 days, 70 percent reported they had stopped using tobacco products entirely.  Of those who stopped using tobacco, 47 percent reported that they had stopped using electronic cigarettes and were non-smokers at the end of the three month trial.  Of the remaining individuals, 60 percent reported they had reduced their tobacco usage significantly, while two participants stopped using the electronic cigarettes and continued only using tobacco products

“I am thrilled with the results and am further convinced that electronic cigarettes may turn out to be the most effective anti-tobacco tool we have ever known,” said Keith Ablow, MD.  “This sample of participants strengthens the argument that the government should embrace electronic cigarettes.  It is in the interest of public health for the National Institutes of Health to immediately fund a large-scale trial to determine whether these findings can be replicated and whether, in addition, it is found that transitioning people from tobacco to electronic cigarettes also allows them to quit all forms of tobacco.”

“This is a critical time for LOGIC, the electronic cigarette industry and adult smokers,” said Miguel Martin, President of LOGIC Technology. “Dr. Ablow’s results, along with additional recent studies, are important indicators of the need for accelerated studies by the government to carefully and thoughtfully examine electronic cigarettes, and then properly educate consumersLOGIC offers a premium, high-quality product that is enjoyed by adult smokers, and we want our customers, trade partners and the general public to have a clear, science-based understanding as to the differences between traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.”

LOGIC e-cigarettes are available in disposable and rechargeable versions and can be purchased at convenience stores nationwide as well as on the company’s web site.  For more information about LOGIC Technology, visit

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