The Steve Harvey Morning Show Says the U.S. Does Not Want to Be Embarrassed if Dennis Rodman Brings Brittney Griner Home (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show said the United States does not want to be embarrassed if Dennis Rodman brings Brittney Griner home. The former NBA star recently announced that he was going to Russia to help free WNBA star Griner. However, the Biden administration is not on board with his plan. Now, Dennis Rodman will not be going to Russia, said Shirley Strawberry.

    When asked about his plan during a press briefing, the state department spokesman Ned Price said it was essential to keep the negotiations for Griner’s release within the quote-unquote established channels to avoid complicating matters.

    The state department has a level 4 do not travel to Russia advisory in place due to the nation’s conflict with the country. The morning shows said the United States does not want Rodman to go to Russia and bring Griner back because there is a chance that he will not return either.

    Steve Harvey said there are a couple of things to consider in this matter. For one, he does not think Rodman has the relationship with Putin that he believes he has “because no one has.” The other reason is if Rodman were to gain success in freeing Griner, that would make the Biden administration look “bad,” added Harvey.

    The morning show said Rodman is friends with Putin and Kim Jong-un, who are both dictators. Harvey said Rodman is friends with some “messed up people.” Rodman claimed to have permission to go to Russia, but it is not clear who permitted him to go, said Strawberry.


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