Fat Joe Says Big Pun’s Wife is Disrespecting Pun’s Legacy by Talking about Abuse, Do You Agree?


Fat Joe stated that Big Pun’s wife Liza is destroying Pun’s legacy by talking about the abuse she endured from Pun during their marriage. Liza is working on a video that will be released in Oct where she gives a deeper look into the late rapper’s life. She has released footage of Pun physically abusing her. Is it wrong of her to detail this information for the public and /or is Fat Joe right in saying she is disrespecting Pun’s legacy by doing so? View the videos and respond in the Forum.

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  1. I do not think she is disrespecting his legacy at all. I am a woman that has been abused by my spouse, and think it is VERRY disrepectful for him to belittle the things she and her children had to endore. Any human that agrees with a man or upholds a man that beats a woman is a PUNK!! He is selfish and if his homeboy made those choices to leave a legacy of a woman beater, then so be it. He should have kept his hands to himself!!! LOL RESPECT

  2. Big Pun’s fat ass disrespected his wife by beating her, so why should we give a damn about disrespecting his so called legacy? His legacy is that he was an ABUSER! Call it WTF it IS. And who gives a rat’s ass what fat joe says anyway? Is he helping this woman financially or any other way? There you have it.

  3. If I’m not mistaken Big Pun stood for Big Punisher. Therefore, I don’t think Big Pun wife is disrespecting his legacy. She is just telling about his crazy, punishing and physical abuse legacy. Fat Joe..take a seat.

  4. shes just looking for attention and money, look up her interviews! it doesnt even seem like she like big pun at all so why does she keep making a big deal out of him? simple she wants money cause shes freaking greedy. she needs to get a job and stop freeloading off people.

  5. i think his wife should shut the fuck up. she should have put that shit out there when he was alive. she just wants money and attention. she should stoip disrespecting Punn. he’s that nigga.

  6. Dead or Alive, Pun was what he was, a fat ass ABUSER, so what if she wants money– she has to take care of that abuser’s kids and maitain the debt Pun left her in!!! Tell it all !!!!! And maybe other’s can look to you for help or inspiration. For all you dumb Fucks— she couldn’t put it out while he was alive or SHE would be dead!! You Dumb ASS!!! wake up– or Should Pun have hit your mommma for you to stand up and be a real man!! yeah, you don’t like that do you– you punk BIACHES!!!!! Go suck rocks!!!

  7. I agree this man tortured this woman and she would have been dead if she said a word while he was alive. All of these silly ……nah DUMB asses on here talking he’s the man are sick. Just as the last writer commented let his FAT SLOPPY ass beat on your mom, sister, or daughter. That’s what’s wrong with the damn world, when shit is wrong it’s wrong NO FAVOR of person! Just because he can match words and put it on a track don’t make it okay to abuse his wife. COME ON!! This guy was boo boo and he’s lucky she didn’t poison his fat ass.

  8. Im a fan of big pun till the day i go to the grave and i would belief that she would do that for money and give herself a little name by protraing as he was cuz that aint nobody’s buisness first of all, and as many of you may know or may have witnessed joe’s shadyness during these days kickin people out of the original terror squad that rode for pun and shit anyways that doesnt come to place either way he still needs to be respected in hip hop history becuz “he was the first latin rapper to batter ya skulls” and his career even though he kept it underground horrorcore he went double platinum besides who cares about other peoples personal lives shes wrong in making the documentary part of the legacy becuz his legacy is about what he did on hip hop now what he did on his house

  9. This is very disturbing. I do believe that a private life should be left as exactly as it should be, private. The only reason why anyone would reveal this sort of stuff to the public is for sympathy or finacial attention…

  10. Its just a part of who he was.Anyone can have their opinion on it, just like people endlessly criticise rappers for smoking dope, possessing guns etc.If you listen to the brutality of some of his lyrics it gives the impression that it was just something he saw as part of his life and was a part of him.RIP


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