RiFF RAFF’s Outrageous Success Story of 2014 Continues Momentum to Use Panthers to Topple Sacred Cows
(Los Angeles, CA, February 13, 2015) – RiFF RAFF, one of rap’s most outrageous personas and 2014 success stories has just inked an endorsement partnership with Monster Energy as the brand delves further into the lifestyles of the hip-hop culture and rap game. Monster Energy will set its sights on working with RiFF RAFF to further elevate his position in the genre that he helped turn on its head with his 2014 release “Neon Icon” on mega-producer Diplo’s Mad Decent label. “My pockets so fat from this Monster Energy deal, it is a dream come true,” noted RiFF RAFF “I mean when you are feeding these Neon Pythons in the Gym, you gotta have that black and neon glow in the dark can handy! MONSTER ENERGY x NEON PYTHON 2015. Do you think THESE NEON PYTHONS ARE JUST GUNNA FEED THEMSELVES ?!?!?!?!?”
Having established his early career out of Houston, Texas – home to some of the key OG’s in the rap world – RiFF RAFF (aka Jody Highroller), like a lot of contemporaries, started pumping out mix tapes and collaborations that led him to a deal with the legendary Swishahouse label recording along with the likes of Slim Thug and Paul Wall. A move to Los Angeles furthered high demand for RiFF RAFF’s skills and collaborative ideas. 2013 led to several singles for his new home at the Mad Decent label including the track “Dolce and Gabanna” which set the groundwork for what would later be his “Neon Icon” release and its first track “How to Be the Man”.
Noted for his rap style (termed post-rhyming), his elaborate hair braids, his passion for tattoos and the “hardware” of rap and hip-hop including gold teeth, excessive jewelry and his own love of The Simpsons, RiFF RAFF’s style signifies that “you either get it or you don’t”. The cult film Spring Breakers utilized his appearance as the inspiration for actor James Franco’s lead character, a braided rap-inspired wild man caught up with a group of vacationing girls in this criminal drama.
“Neon Icon” came out in mid 2014 and immediately made an impact as it landed in the Top 10 of the R&B and Rap charts and also landing at #22 on the Billboard Album charts. In the works for 2015 as a follow to “Neon Icon” are the tentative duel releases of the “Peach Panther” and the “Purple Panther”, two different approaches with the former a “Neon Rap” album and the latter being “Neon Rock” featuring live instrumentation. But first, RiFF RAFF begins his national tour on January 21, 2015 where he’ll be performing both tracks not only from “Neon Icon” but also earlier joints among other surprises.
“Monster is a great brand and this is going to be an epic alignment! There couldn’t be a better partner to support our upcoming strategy with RiFF RAFF. Happy we were able to make this a reality,” states Stampede Management ‘s Russell Redeaux. RiFF RAFF’s endorsement with Monster Energy will certainly bode well as he hits the road for an extended campaign where energy and excitement are indicative of his shows.

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