Four New Publishing Groups Join the International Confederation Of Music Publishers


musicpublishingThe ICMP Board of Directors has unanimously approved the associate membership of the Music Publishers Association of Kenya, Prior Musica of Lithuania, Fix Müsik of Turkey and Partitor vzw of Belgium to the confederation at its meeting of 22 July.”We are delighted to welcome the new members to the ICMP family and look forward to supporting them in tackling the key IP and copyright issues they face,” said ICMP Director General Ger Hatton. “We are also extremely happy to have secured our first members from Lithuania and Kenya and are confident that membership of ICMP will make for a better environment for music publishers,” she said.These latest additions brings the total ICMP membership to 68, spanning all five continents. The number has increased significantly in recent years, with 38 new organisations joining since 2008. Moreover, there are discussions underway with potential new members in Mauritius, Netherlands, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Russia.”I am hugely proud of what our organisation is able to deliver. Over the past year, we have added new members in new territories, while driving a proactive programme of advocacy around the world resulting in a raised profile of music publishers everywhere,” added Hatton.

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