Trending: Father Who Videotapes Newborn Being Abused by Mother Had Little Choice


A graphically disturbing video (top video) of a mentally ill woman abusing her newborn child by throwing him across the floor has made the internet rounds over the last few days. Once again it’s a situation where judgment comes before reason. Many people blame the father for taping the video and not intervening.  First and foremost, thank God the father is PRESENT for the child’s sake in this case.  Child abuse is often ignored in the black community and it happens more than people know (or care to know) where there is no biological father in the house or in the child’s life and child services often fail these black kids.The father of the child in this video (bottom) explains he wanted to intervene by physically attacking the woman but he realized if he had done anything to help and the woman had called the police, even though she is obviously mentally ill, HE would’ve been the one who would’ve been arrested, and probably given 30 years just for the hell of it, and the child would have remained with her. Unfortunately, he is absolutely correct. He is a black man who was so fearing of his chances to be treated fairly by the legal system that he had to go to an extreme to get help.The woman’s mother tried to claim the man is abusive to the woman and one is left to wonder why the woman is huddled up in the corner like that (offering more protection to the little girl than the baby?) but that does not excuse her tossing the baby across the floor like dirty clothes. By taping the video this man created the evidence that he needs to get full custody of the child, unfortunately authorities are using the fact that he did not immediately pick up the baby as an excuse that he too is abusive. They tried to arrest him but they had no basis, once again, he probably SAVED himself and the kid by taping it.  As the child is very young, and hopefully physically okay, provided he is placed in a loving home he has an opportunity to bounce back, the other child, unfortunately, it may be too late for her at that age  and she may go on to develop a mental disorder like her mother.[flowplayer id=”155011″][flowplayer id=”155005″] 


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