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R. Kelly’s Doctor’s License Will Be Reviewed for Treating the Singer for “Free” for STDs While Enjoying Trips and Lavish Dinners

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(Photo by Antonio Perez – Pool via Getty Images)

Prosecuters are alleging that embattled singer R. Kelly knowingly gave STDs to some of the women he had sex with including one woman who said she had Herpes so bad she was barely able to walk.

Kelly’s doctor Kris Mcgrath took the stand late last week to testify to his 25 year relationshiop with Kelly as his doctor.

He stated R. Kelly never paid him but flew him around the country to go to concerts, dinners and parties over the years.

That testimonly will now have him investigated my Northwestern Medicine which is a Chicago healthcare based system.

McGrath testified he started treating R Kelly for Herpes, at times debilitating episodes, more than 20 years ago and he admitted to also treating him for other STDs over the years.

The prosecuters are working to additionally charge Kelly with not telling his partners about his Herpes before having sex with them which is against the law in New York state.


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