Cops Knock Black Man Out of His Wheelchair During Protest (VIDEO)


Another day, another incident between the police and a Black man. During a protest in Los Angeles, a man who was later identified as Joshua Wilson, can be seen in this video scuffling with the LAPD. As the officers were trying to detain Mr. Wilson, they knock him out of his wheelchair and toss the chair to the side as they hit him with batons.

The incident was captured on film by a fellow protester. Wilson can be heard saying, “They are trying to kill me” as officers attempt to handcuff him.

From the LAPD’s perspective, they took to their twitter account as well, “50 protesters attempted to interfere with three individuals in police custody….During the incident, a man in a wheelchair, Joshua Wilson, punched an officer in the face. Wilson, a convicted felon, was taken into custody and a loaded gun was found in his possession.”

In the video, it doesn’t appear like Mr. Wilson ever reached for a weapon but at the end of the day, everyone was able to come out of this alive. The LAPD also confirmed that two other individuals were also arrested at the protest, “one for battery on a peace officer and the other for a felony warrant.” Check out the video below to see a portion of what transpired.

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