Kevin’s Art “Marvin Gaye”


Marvin-e1343796185674One of my greatest regrets is that I did not pursue my original dream and become an international singer. I made a HUGE mistake and got into radio first as a way of making connections. When I saw what when on behind the scenes I realized the music was a very small part of it. I didn't want to be controlled by a record label like I had seen many artists and I didn't want to depend on others to drive my career and I didn't want to not trust anyone in my life like I have seen so many singers do. Today it's much different, I would say even MORE brutal with blogs and sites being the new media, yet I have always greatly admired GREAT singers and creative people and Marvin, even with his massive success was still underrated. Watching a video of him in a studio session in the 70s sing “I Want You” while laying on a couch blew me away, such control and brilliance in his singing that also encompassed so much pain is what made him an icon. I would have committed a crime to have been in that studio that day.

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