Has your Domain Been Hijacked?


Your Domain Name Could be Compromised and You may Find out Too Late

It is truly amazing how hackers continue to come up with various ideas to add stress on your life and your business. Now you have to be concerned with Domain Hijacking

This week I found out someone else had registered my domain name and luckily I caught it in time. This is a domain name that I’ve had for 26 years. I’m sure their goal was to take it over and then give me a ridiculous price to buy it back.

Whether or not I could prove that the name belonged to me is irrelivant because at the end of the day it would’ve been a hassle. And what entrepreuer needs that.

I strongly suggest that if you have a very important domain name that you check with your domain service provider and make sure that you are still the registered owner of that domain name as there are domain hackers out there who are skillful enough to even hack into your service provider’s account and change your information. Ths is not bad news for the service provider as they simply take on an adidtional charge for “extra protection” yeah right! Shouldn’t that be a given?

You really don’t want to have set up a whole new domain and branding for your customers, your clients, and your business to affiliate with yourself. The last thing you wanna do is to have to start a whole new domain name, especially with Google algorithms. You would literally be starting over again. More info here

Just a bit of tech advice for you