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Rest In Peace and Prosperity Nelson Mandela

Rest In Peace and Prosperity Nelson Mandela

Radio Facts: Originally posted on 2013-12-05 16:02:14 Radio Facts: We would like to take this time out to offer our sincere condolences to Nelson Mandela's family, loved ones, and anyone that was touched or influenced by this man's dedication. [...]

Research Company Says Ringtone Business "Declining"

Radio Facts: More Declines For Music Ringtones IBISWorld Forecasts Revenue To Drop For Second Consecutive Year, Skipping Mature Phase Of Life Cycle The music ringtone market is within the decline stage of its short life cycle, according to industry research firm IBISWorld. [...]

OH NO: It Came and Went? Streetz 102.9 is Off the Air

Radio Facts: See what time you read it here then watch the other pu..y trades copy the story from us (they could AT LEAST give us credit) Jesus and all the Disciples. Was the media pressure too much, did Radio One attorney's win out already? Streetz 102.9 is gone... [...]

Radio One Pulls Huge Prank on Listeners in Philly…

Radio Facts: Philadelphia, PA- On Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 10 AM (EST) 100.3 The Beat pulled off the biggest prank in history! 100.3 The Beat on air personality, Poochman, convinced thousand s of listeners that Chris Brown and Rihanna had gone through intensive counseling and reconciled. [...]
NO INVITE FOR ME?/TV One Roast for John Witherspoon (pics) 1

NO INVITE FOR ME?/TV One Roast for John Witherspoon (pics)

Radio Facts: Now I would have gone to this.. Do the TV One people know who I am? (bloggertantrum)(laugh). The photog was really good except no pics of John????? Somebody has to teach him how to cooordinate. [...]

Apple Fans: $800 Mac Mini and New iMac Premiere

Radio Facts: Apple updated itâ„¢s line of desktops today, continuing to focus on high-performance, high-efficiency professional machines. [...]

Public broadcasting stations cut staff, budget

Radio Facts: Northern California Public Broadcasting will cut 13 percent of its budget and lay off 30 employees because the recession has reduced the corporate giving that funds much of the organization.The stations' 291 employees were told Monday of the move, which officials expect will save $8 million. No reporters will leave San Francisco's KQED-FM, and no TV staff will depart, officials said.

WHAT? Chicago radio station offers Rod Blagojevich a show !!!

Radio Facts: A Chicago radio station is offering embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich a new job. During a show early Thursday, the program director at WLS-AM announced that if Blagojevich resigns, the station will offer him his own weekly radio program from noon to 2 p.m. [...]

What's Killing American Business? Customer Service Depts..

Radio Facts: If a judge gave me an option to a prison sentence: 30 days of hard prison time in a bacteria-infested smelly ass 4x4 cell or 30 days of dealing with American customer service reps over the phone, I would ask if I could at least have 3 meals [...]

V103’s Greg Street Says Jermaine Dupri is DEAD

Radio Facts: This is a personal situation folks. Watch both videos. Greg seems to have taken the statement personal. Yet, Greg makes some really good points here too. [...]


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