Radio One Pulls Huge Prank on Listeners in Philly…


Radio Facts: Philadelphia, PA- On Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 10 AM (EST) 100.3 The Beat pulled off the biggest prank in history!

100.3 The Beat on air personality, Poochman, convinced thousand s of listeners that Chris Brown and Rihanna had gone through intensive counseling and reconciled. As a result they would be married April 24th at Rihannaâ„¢s home island of Barbados. The Beat offered one lucky listener 2 First Class tickets to Barbados, Hotel Accommodations at a luxurious resort for 4 days and 3 days, Limo service for the day and $5,000 in spending money to attend Å“the wedding of the year. 

After receiving over 2,000 entries via,, Poochman chose one Å“lucky  listener. The shock to the listener and the thousand s of Philadelphians tuned in was that Å“the wedding of the year  was in fact   an April Fools prank concocted   by Å“The Bossman,  Radio One Philadelphia Operations Manager, Elroy Smith.

Å“The phone lines were on fire. We even got a call from another radio station in New York inquiring how we got the promotion. The website was active allowing us to expand our database. This is something we would do on the appropriate day, we would never make fun of our listeners on any other occasion,  states Elroy Smith, Radio One Philadelphia Operations Manager.

Once revealed, as a consolation, Poochman offered the listener $100 for being a good sport.


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