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New Orleans Music Industry Icon Larry McKinley Dies at 85

Hassahn Liggins
Some people have only one talent and some people have multiple talents. Larry McKinley would be of the latter. Known to man as the the...

Did Jay Z have any input in Charlamagne Getting Fired from The Beat?

Kevin Ross
What an unfortunate anniversary... Charlamagne was fired from WBLS almost a year to the date in 2008 too. I was lucky enough to be one...
Urban/M - Urban/AC

Charlamagne Fired from The Beat in Philly: Interview with Beanie Sigel Pissed Jay Z off?

Kevin Ross
After being one of the first sources to run the story, then getting a denial from the station THEN getting an admission from the station....

Charlamagne Fired from Radio One's WRNB in Philly: Beanie Sigel Interview and Jay Z Controversy

Kevin Ross
This is damn near a year to the date that he was fired from WBLS. Charlamagne is so damn funny. He is requesting sympathy pu..y...