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WHAT IN DE FOOK? Brian McKnight’s New Song (vid)

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Digital and Radio Facts: I realize it's a new day and that the music industry has changed and I would guess older artists have to do what they have to do to remain relevant. [...]

KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Cross Dressing Vet, Validity Sans Worth, Radio One Recall

Radio Facts: Greetings my industry associates. I would say friends but life has taught me the meaning of that word in the WORST way (laugh). [...]
WHAT IN DE FOOK? A Smoking Baby??? 2 Pack a day Habit (vid)

WHAT IN DE FOOK? A Smoking Baby??? 2 Pack a day Habit (vid)

Radio Facts: I have ALMOST seen it all.. This video is interesting... Some people would say "What kind of parents would raise a child like that?" Without looking at all the fooked up sh... they have done to their own children (laugh). ... [...]

WHAT IN DE FOOK? Racist Korean KFC Chicken Commerical?

Radio Facts: This sh... would have lasted one time in the states. What kind of idiots put this sh... together. [...]

Onlookers Still Shocked: Rapper Dolla Fatally Shot at the Upscale Beverly Center in LA

Radio Facts: The usually quiet somewhat upscale Beverly Center Shopping Mall in Los Angeles was the scene of a murder that left onlookers shocked on Monday. [...]

TOO MUCH FOR TUESDAY: Black Folks and Chicken, What Gives? New Popeye's Spokeswoman: Repulsive...

Radio Facts: " UPDATE: The corporation has toned down the character and she's much better... 2/2012 I have seen the Popeye's Spokeswoman "The Chicken Queen" (Yes, I said the "Chicken Queen") on several occasions. [...]

WOW: Huge Industry Legend Goes LEFT: What do you think about this statement….

Radio Facts: A legend in the industry who chooses to remain anonymous sent this comment to me about the industry today. What do you think? (video of Jim Jones getting Tattoo) "...So talented youth rises. [...]

Urban Industry Vets Struggling in Private

Radio Facts: The record and radio side of the industry, while working in unison, has always been different when it came to pay. [...]

OH NO: Black Boy Beats White Bus Driver (disturbing video)

Radio Facts: When I was a kid, there was always a male or an assistant adult on the bus. We did some crazy sh... but we would have never done sh... [...]

RF TIP: How to Prevent Yourself from Getting Screwed by Car Mechanics

Radio Facts: I know this is an industry site but I also know that I can do whatever the fook I want on it. The other day I went to have my SUV repaired, which now has over 100,000 miles on it. [...]

Why Was Smooth Jazz Really Smooth R&B Anyway? Magic 107.5 Deputs in Atl

Radio Facts: I remember listening to Smooth Jazz 107.5 when I lived in Atlanta and it was always "Smooth Jazz 107.5" but Luther Vand ross was not a Jazz artist neither was After 7 or Gerald Levert... [...]

What's Killing American Business? Customer Service Depts..

Radio Facts: If a judge gave me an option to a prison sentence: 30 days of hard prison time in a bacteria-infested smelly ass 4x4 cell or 30 days of dealing with American customer service reps over the phone, I would ask if I could at least have 3 meals [...]

CAN'T STOP LAUGHING: Story of the YEAR and it's only JAN 8!!! Sheree's Antics

Radio Facts: FILED UNDER: Get a FOOKING JOB! DO NOT LAUGH: I mean look at Dude, (stop laughing) you KNOW she .... [...]

OH NO: Kat Williams Attacks Steve Harvey Says T Pain Sucks…WHAT? (vid)

Radio Facts: This is actually funny but what in the fook is going on with Kat? [...]