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WHAT IN DE FOOK? Brian McKnight’s New Song (vid)

I realize it's a new day and that the music industry has changed and I would guess older artists have to do what...

KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Cross Dressing Vet, Validity Sans Worth, Radio One Recall

Greetings my industry associates. I would say friends but life has taught me the meaning of that word in the WORST way (laugh). My cousin's father (not my blood uncle) who should have written a book was a pimp and he always had these street theories about life.

WHAT IN DE FOOK? A Smoking Baby??? 2 Pack a day Habit (vid)

I have ALMOST seen it all.. This video is interesting... Some people would say "What kind of parents would raise a child like that?" Without looking at all the fooked up sh... they have done to their own children (laugh). ... Anyway on to the vid...

WHAT IN DE FOOK? This Woman is 72 Years Old (vid)

It's called taking care of yourself.

KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Tre Black, Leave Mo’Nique Alone, Tom Joyner ‘s Favorite Song/Urban Radio Suffers

Oh well another week wraps up and it truly started off strange. Last Sunday, I was cheering on Mo'Nique's win, something...

WHAT? Tarsha “Jonesy” Jones Most Likely Candidate for Mornings at Power? Where’s Toshamakia?

Dan Gross writes for the Philadelphia Daily News that "TARSHA "JONESY" JONES is hosting mornings all week on Power 99 in what radio insiders say may likely become a permanent gig." I have not heard that so I don't know who his sources are but it would seem she is the best choice to go up against Charlamagne

What in De FOOK: Radio One Bizarre Staff Changes/PD BURNOUT????

All this foolishness (TD Jakes always says that)... I'm getting tired of seeing urban radio people being worked to the bone. I need...

Onlookers Still Shocked: Rapper Dolla Fatally Shot at the Upscale Beverly Center in LA

The usually quiet somewhat upscale Beverly Center Shopping Mall in Los Angeles was the scene of a murder that left onlookers shocked on Monday.

TOO MUCH FOR TUESDAY: Black Folks and Chicken, What Gives? New Popeye’s Spokeswoman: Repulsive (vid)

" UPDATE: The corporation has toned down the character and she's much better... 2/2012 I have seen the Popeye's Spokeswoman "The Chicken Queen" (Yes, I said the "Chicken Queen") on several occasions. I personally don't eat that overly salted sh..., even though the red beans and rice is pretty good, but this woman is repulsive..

WOW: Huge Industry Legend Goes LEFT: What do you think about this statement….

A legend in the industry who chooses to remain anonymous sent this comment to me about the industry today. What do you think? (video of Jim Jones getting Tattoo)"...So talented youth rises.

Urban Industry Vets Struggling in Private

The record and radio side of the industry, while working in unison, has always been different when it came to pay.

WHAT IN DE FOOK? Man’s Mother Catches him doing WHAT?

This is one of the most bizarre stories of the year. This 19 year old teenager in Dade County Fl was in his mother's back yard jacking off   (Who in the hell would do that with their mother at home? Didn't he have a bedroom?) ... his mother looked out the kitchen window and saw him...

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