Onlookers Still Shocked: Rapper Dolla Fatally Shot at the Upscale Beverly Center in LA


Radio Facts: The usually quiet somewhat upscale Beverly Center Shopping Mall in Los Angeles was the scene of a murder that left onlookers shocked on Monday. 21-year-old Rapper Roderick Anthony Burton II also knows as “Dolla” was shot in the head and killed while waiting in the valet area of the mall after some sort of altercation at the LAX airport. The Atlanta-based rapper has just arrived to LA a short time before. Authorities believe the suspect(s) followed the rapper, who was finishing work on his first Album in LA, from the airport. Witnesses say a rented silver Mercedes SUV sped off after the shooting. The car was later found aband oned in a parking lot. Born in Chicago, his family moved to Los Angeles then to Atlanta where he has worked with several notables in the industry including Sean Diddy Combs as a model. The police state they have a suspect, who was armed and trying to buy a flight out of LA in custody. Below is a video of Dolla’s most popular single “Who the Fook is that?” He was working on an album for Jive that was to be released in June.