Revisited: Pregnant Karen Calls Cops on Black Woman Sitting Outside Building in NYC (video)


Thanks to Christian Cooper being a coward and not pressing charges against Amy Cooper in last week’s incident where she called police on him and lied saying he was threatening her life, so here we go again and it’s almost identical. Thank God this woman who is sitting outside of her building and asked to leave by this Karen is recording it. via @_brownsugarbaby an

Via @_brownsugarbaby: “From 6:15pm – 7:31pm this woman felt the need to not only approach me but call the cops MULTIPLE TIMES ON ME!! She was too “Alarmed” that I was sitting “comfortably” in “her neighborhood!” The first call was because she THOUGHT I was smoking in public.. but by the 3rd call, it was bcuz I was “threatening her & her children !!” While giving my description, she exaggerated her story & made it seem like I was the aggressor. “THIS AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN IS ATTACKING ME AND MY CHILDREN!” She had tears that were off & on & she stated things like “She’s pulling the black card!” Then wanted me to walk to the cops w/ her. She wanted to be a victim soooo bad!! NOT ONE PERSON CAME TO HER AID!! MULTIPLE PPL witnessed the ordeal & just wanted to make sure I was ok”. Posted By Persist

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