Publishing And Sync Agency Silo: Music Launches New Record Label Silo: RCRDS


Multifaceted music company SILO: MUSIC announces the launch of SILO: RCRDS with lead artist compilation SILO: RCRDS c.1 out today, October 23. 

Featuring a dynamic roster of composers, producers and musicians, the curated set includes tracks included in popular film, television and video game scores that resonated with audiences and devoured via music discovery app Shazam.

The collection marks the first time these tracks will be available for public consumption on major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon and Deezer. SILO: RCRDS c.1 features thrilling talents Martin Wave, Chris Avantgarde, Oumi Kaplia, Bettina Bergström, Jackie Vae, OH1, ALLISTER X and VAAAL whose songs have appeared in Warner Bros. film Judas and the Black Messiah, A&E promo, Star Wars: Rogue One, Netflix feature “Antebellum,” FOX series “Gotham,” Netflix drama “Hollywood,” Riot Games title Legends of Runeterra, trailer for STARZ series “Power Book” and 20th Century Fox blockbuster Ad Astra

“As a working songwriter, I know first-hand how often your work goes unnoticed by the consumers and the music industry at large, especially in the sync space. Unlike the pop world, where giving credit to songwriters and producers is becoming more and more common, this practice is rarely upheld in sync,” shares SILO: MUSIC’s Neil Ormandy.

“Being recognized for your creative contributions in music can mean so much for the furthering of your career, as not all career advancements have a price tag directly attached to them.”  “Exactly,” adds partner Jack Ormandy.  “With SILO: RCRDS we are applying SILO:’s strategy of utilizing sync to give our artists the financial stability to pursue their creativity freely and taking it to the next level.

As their team, we are not solely here to provide opportunities for sync placements, we are also responsible for providing a platform on which they can make a name for themselves in music. This can only happen outside of the music supervision community if we are able to show that our writers and producers aren’t just droids behind a computer screen, they are artists of the highest caliber.

By providing the space for them to showcase their brilliant work on the DSPs, we make it easier for people on the outside to understand their artistry and what they bring to the table creatively.” 

SILO RCRDS c.1 features a compelling track list of melodic pop, cinematic scores, hard-hitting EDM, reimagined covers and hip-hop-inspired cuts from around the world: 

  1. Martin Wave – Prophet 
    Featured in: Judas and the Black Messiah 
    Warner Bros. 60s biopic based on Black Panther activist Fred Hampton
  2. Chris Avantgarde – Coming Home
    Featured in: A&E Promo 
    History Channel promo for up and coming 2020 shows
  3. Oumi Kapila – Zombie (cover) 
    Featured in: Star Wars: Rogue One trailer
    First installment of epic Star Wars anthology by Lucas Films
  4. Bettina Bergström – Euphoria
    Featured in: Antebellum trailer
    Janelle Monae-starring film about modern-day African American woman who must escape from a 19th-century Southern slave plantation
  5. Jackie Vae – Melt You
    Featured in: Gotham
    FOX Batman prequel television series
  6. OH1 – In The Mood (Reimagined)
    Featured in: Hollywood
    Netflix series by Ryan Murphy about the Golden Age of Hollywood
  7. ALLISTER X – Higher
    Featured in: Legends of Runeterra
    Riot Games title based on collectible card game
  8. OH1 ft. JaQuÉ – Chosen One
    Featured in: Power Book II: Ghost trailer
    Spinoff of STARZ series Power, starring Mary J. Blige and Method Man
  9. VAAAL – Mechanical Jungle Paranoia
    Featured in: Ad Astra
    20th Century Fox sci-fi blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Liv Tyler, Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland

SILO RCRDS c.1 will be available on all streaming services starting October 23, 2020.


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