Pregnant Nurse, Mother of 4, Gets COVID, Dies Before Meeting Baby (video)


A California nurse fearing vaccination because she was pregnant caught COVID while on vacation at the beach with her husband and four children when she and her husband took ill and got the devastating news that they both had COVID.

GoFundMe Campaign to help family

Davy Macias, 37, was a labor and delivery nurse at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana. When she got COVID and was ill her doctor made the call to save the baby and deliver it six weeks early.

She died five days after delivering a baby never meeting her newborn as she was too ill.

The baby is still hospitalized but healthy and will go home in two weeks.

A GoFundMe campaign was started to help the family thus far raising close to $100,000
The most unfortunate part about the story is Davy worked to save other people’s lives from COVID.


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