Mother Charged for Throwing 1-Month-Old Baby in Church Dumpster

    Oklahoma mother charged for throwing 1-month-old baby in church dumpster

    On February 6, an Oklahoma mother was charged for throwing her 1-month-old baby in a church’s dumpster, according to court documents.

    Court documents state that on January 28 police officers responded to a call in reference to a child being found in a dumpster.

    Upon arrival to the scene, officials found the baby face down at the bottom of the empty dumpster. The child was found with a bloodied face and bruises.

    Later, the child was flown to OU Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There the child was treated for minor injuries and released.

    Earlier that same day, police had performed a wellness check on 22-year-old Kiera Aliyah Lopez. During the check, Lopez’s family asked the woman about the whereabouts of the her child.

    According to court documents, it was then that Lopez admitted to throwing her 1-month-old child in the dumpster before leading police to the scene of the crime.

    Following shortly after, Lopez was taken into emergency custody for a mental health evaluation.

    Lopez is now charged with abandonment of a child under the age of 10 years old.

    No further information surrounding the incident is available at this time.


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