POLL: Dr Dre’s 70 Million Dollar Donation

There has been an uproar over the recent massive donation that former NWA member, turned producer turned business mogul Dr Dre made to USC. He gave 70 million for a wing and a curriculum to be developed in his name for future producers. Does he have a right to do what he wants with his money? Was it the best decision for him? Here are some of the points that were made in the LA Times and other outlets about his decision:

  • If Black people don’t help each other, who will
  • Why does race have anything to do with his donation
  • Dr Dre started out in NWA, it was the black kids who supported him first
  • He made the best decision, had he given it to an HBCU the funds would have been mishandled.
  • He can watch the progress since the school is in LA
  • Why would he give it to an HBCU in another state when the music industry is in LA
  • The Music Industry (black) is in New York and Atlanta not LA
  • Success makes people forget where they came from
  • I will not support Dr Dre again
  • His headphones were purchased by white subBlack kids not black kids… etc
  • USC has an extremely low black student rate and they get massive donations from alumnus unlike black colleges
  • If it was my money and I am black, I would have done the same thing

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