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WHAT IN DE FOOK: THIS is why Robert Scorpio Left? Donnie Simpson may be OUT at WPGC


As predicted in Digital and Radio Facts …..Veteran rebels who insist on keeping things they way they were or going back to the music of the 70s must be acknowledged, credited for their industry contributions then eased out. This is not our grand daddy's industry anymore and being loyal to vets who think like this will issue Black radio an early and complete media death certificate. They will all have to be faced with the reality that Tenure don't mean Tits as Urban radio has to grow some balls and make massive changes NOW in order to appeal to the people that advertisers want…. the trendsetters… something I CONSTANTLY and CONSISTENTLY have stressed and predicted in Digital and Radio Facts . Remember the story I wrote about The Vet that should retire? I will now tell you… I was talking about Donnie Simpson. Well, looks like CBS was thinking like I was thinking and the vet may be on his way out this time around.   Kudos to programmer Robert Scorpio for stand ing up and not taking the blame for a failing concept where he had no control. There is no way Donnie and his family members should have had creative control over the music in 2010. Today's listeners don't want to hear a 20-year-old song like “Keep on Movin'” by Soul II Soul and our tastes should not play a part in force feeding listeners what they have a PLETHORA of options to get online or elsewhere…without us. They can now get what THEY want. Robert Scorpio is a PD that will survive the massive changes about to strike Black radio.In addition to boosting its overall audience, WPGC has been intent on attracting younger listeners, whom advertisers pay a premium to reach. Station executives have insisted that Simpson update his musical playlist and repeat hit songs more frequently.Donnie Simpson may leave WPGCUnder his contract, Simpson and his producer, his son Donnie Jr. — who have creative control over the program — have resisted the suggestions. That stance occasionally led to conflict with the station's former program director, Rob Scorpio.Scorpio was replaced last week by another programming executive, Michael Saunders. It was unclear whether Scorpio's departure was related to disagreements with the Simpsons. (that's funny “The Simpsons” like the cartoons. OF COURSE it was related) Simpson was also upset by the departure of one of his producers, Jeff Newman, in a cost-cutting move last year. That was followed in June by the resignation of sidekick Chris Paul after 16 years on the program. Paul subsequently joined Joyner's program.via [Great story in the Washington Post, read more here]

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  1. I always have respected Donnie Simpson. Great talent. My radio mentor was Frankie Crocker and Donnie Simpson was the guide from the TV side from “Video Soul”.
    There is nothing wrong with spicing a show with a classic track. But my way is to focus on the new music from the indie cats and NEW music from the established artists. Last time I checked Prince, Chaka Khan, Junior Giscombe, Steve Arrington, Jesse Johnson and many others of our musical loved ones have put out new records. But the deejays that broke them in the early days do not play their new records. Instead, they are satisfied to cash a paycheck spinning the same 30 records from the big labels or rehashing “Old School” grooves ad nauseum.
    “Upper Room with Joe Kelley”

  2. Disagree with you Fam –
    I will be glad when you get enough money that you can get your own station(s) and stop being an arm chair blogging no radio station programmer! LOL You have a thing against Vets.
    You would be ready to Oust Frankie Crocker from sorry ass WBLS and I don’t care what you or anyone that thinks like you says. I would rather hear a 20 year old classic played on an open playlist then hear this crap on the radio today!
    CRAP, Crap songs, Crap writers, Crap Artists, Crap material and CRAPPY radio management that keeps the most horrific so called music on the radio in front of our youth! Filth Flam Flarm!

    • Me? Buy a station? No. Me? Program a station? Did that 20 years ago and have no desire to do it today. I like radio MOST from this end and while you may not agree with what I say, SOMEBODY has to say it. You say today’s music is crap. Understand (I don’t know how old you are) but I’m in my mid 40s, when I was 15, my parents and grandparents thought the music on the air was “crap.” I have nothing against vets as long as they are forward thinkers. I am a vet who thinks forward. A great programmer programs to the listener NOT his own taste and I don’t like a lot of the music out today either but I am not the audience and if I am targeting 25 to 54s then I will have a better handle on what to play, if I am target 18 to 34, I’m going to need help from my team. Frankie Crocker would indeed probably be dated on today’s radio. He was wise enough to retire at the right time. He made his money then moved to Cali and played Golf right around the corner from where I lived for the remainder of his life. I respect him for that. A vet who has been on the air too long starts to actually DISCREDIT his tenure especially if he leaves with low ratings. It’s ALWAYS best to leave ON TOP and make room for the new talent. Kevin

  3. Admin,
    I got news for you…. I’m in my mid 40’s and I just happen to be one of those listeners who enjoys 20 year old “music”… not the sampled beats and nusery rhymes that are played on most stations today. I listen to Donnie’s show in the mornings… I enjoy his oldschool mixes…and so does my 14 yr old son….who heard the “original” version of Eric Sermon’s remix of Marvin Gaye’s “Just like Music”..
    If you ask me, there aren’t enough stations that play music I like, that’s why I listen to satelite radio…in the evenings… If radio exec’s are counting on the youth of today to save radio, then they better figure out a plan B…. Because not only do the youth of today not read…they also don’t listen to the Radio.
    Love, Peace, and Hairgrease…


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