DMX Has Stroke Scare

Troubled rap star dmx missed an important court date on Tuesday after being rushed to a South Florida hospital due to suffering “stroke-like” symptoms, according to While DMX’s current condition is unknown, hospital officials did disclose he will not be released for at least the next few days. Charles Kozelka, DMX’s lawyer, claimed earlier today to not know any specific details about his client’s health. “I don’t know the cause, but I know that he’s still hospitalized and that they’ve admitted him and won’t be releasing him for a couple more days,” Kozelka stated. DMX, real name Earl Simmons, was scheduled to be in court today to face charges stemming from a missed court date in Arizona. In that case, Simmons is charged with attempting to buy cocaine and marijuana from an undercover officer. Because of his illness, Kozelka successfully arranged DMX’s day in court to be pushed back to September 29, in hopes that Simmons will have recovered and be in condition to attend. The abrupt medical trip marks the second time in two months that the conflicted MC has been hospitalized. In August dmx missed a previous court date, admitting himself to a rehabilitation clinic in hopes of combating his well documented substance abuse problems. However, the judge issued a bench warrant as the missed date marked Simmons’ second consecutive no-show. Before his current hospitalization, X was free on $25,000 bond.


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